Character- Huntsman Spyder 
Huntsman Spyder

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Real Name: Elliot McDanials
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Black
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Age: 29

Born in:  Australia

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Working as a poacher in the Australian outback, Elliott specialized in snaring rare animals. Checking on his traps was how he spent much of his day, and sometimes, he never saw the time go by. The day his life changed was one such day. He saw that night was coming quickly, and knew that he would not make it back before the darkness took over. It would not be safe to travel. He was close to a swampy area and preferred avoiding getting lost on this moonless night, so he found a place to make camp. 

He built his fire and was about to settle down, when out of the brush, giant huntsman spiders started attacking him. These were huge. They were the size of small dogs.

He grabbed a makeshift torch and started to burn the ones that were attacking him. This seemed to make it worse as even more came rushing at him. His only thought was he must have set up camp near a huge nest of them, though how could he have missed it, he wondered. The sheer size of the spiders should have made the nest easy to see.

He thought he could outrun them and tried to run away, but they were so fast that they overtook him. He was soon overwhelmed, and as he fell to the ground, he could feel them biting him. He knew that their bite wasn't usually fatal, but as he began to lose consciousness, wondered if he would survive this many bites from creatures of this size.

The spiders had no other interest in him, and moved off when he stopped struggling.

Elliott slowly regained his senses. He could feel his insides burning, but at the same time, felt invigorated. As he laid there, trying to take in what had happened, he never saw the croc sneaking up on him. The saltwater crocodile bit down on his leg and started to drag him towards the water.

Elliot felt this huge adrenalin rush and tried to kick the croc to force him to release him, but knew the croc would not let go his prize so easily. It was then that Elliott felt the burning sensation inside him subside. He picked up the croc and tossed it against a tree, killing it. As he did so, he saw his not hands, but legs, spider legs, and eight of them. He had become a 20-foot huntsman spider.

What had these spiders done to him, and how? Was he going to be like this for the rest of his life, he wondered.

He began to calm down and relax, and slowly, his human form returned. His injured leg was now healed. There was no trace of the crocodile's bite. 

When morning came, he searched the area for any sign of the giant spiders, but there was no trace of them. He would have liked to take one along, not only for their rarity, but because they may explain what had happened to him.

He headed back home, and his first stop was to go see a friend of his who was a venomologist. Elliott hoped that he would have some answers, but after taking  a few blood samples, his friend decided to sent him to Sydney for more extensive tests.

Their conclusion was that the bites had somehow changed his DNA, although they could not explain how. Elliott was both human and huntsman spider. It was official, he was a freak.

The lab was run by the Commonwealth Corporation, and upon seeing the results, took an active interest in Elliott. They told him that he would need to be monitored and tested regularly, and the best way to do that would be if he became a member of their company, where they would train him to use and control his new abilities.

Elliott agreed and was given the codename, Huntsman Spyder.


Enhanced vitals: Even in his regular human form, Elliott can achieve feats of strength and speed that few humans can. He is able to lift around 600 lbs and can run at 40 mph.

Super strength: In his spider form, he can lift 2 tons.

Speed: In his spider form, he can run and attain a speed of 250 mph.

Transform: Elliott can transform into a 20-foot Huntsman spider.

Enhanced reflexes: His enhanced metabolism also improves his reaction time, enabling him to evade or react faster than normal.

Physical resistance: In human form his skin is a little tougher but, in his spider, form he can withstand gunfire and weapons, as if he was wearing Kevlar.