Character- The Huntsman

Created by: Nick Grey

Other pictures: The Huntsman full body

Real Name: Neh-Buh-Loh
Hair: Inapplicable
Eyes: Blue
 10 foot 
Age: 12489
Born in: Somewhere in the universe

Ethical alliance: Neutral


The Huntsman is part of a race of Cosmo Sapiens; living galaxies. Although these beings seem to be no larger than the inhabitants of most worlds, their true stature lies within them.

Cosmo Sapiens hunt living beings to stave off entropy within themselves, because only through the sacrifice of others can they themselves stay alive. Hence the need to hunt. These deadly hunters go from planet to planet, seeking worthy prey.

Although normal food is minor nourishment for the Huntsman, what he really seeks is the tantric energy within the beings he consumes. This energy is the best way to keep entropy from starving him and his multitude, and considering that he is a living galaxy, he has billions upon billions of other lives to consider.

If it was only for him, he would gladly let himself die...but since so many others depend on his survival, the Huntsman continues to hunt.

His species destructive nature did not go unnoticed and other more powerful races came to confront them. They managed to confine the Cosmo Sapiens in a quarantine zone, hoping that, with no other place to go, they would eventually change their ways. Unfortunately, this backfired.

Rather than try to find a way to live peacefully with others, the Cosmo Sapiens turned on each other. As they devoured one another, the universe gained in security but the Cosmo Sapiens died out until only a few were left.

The Huntsman made his way to Earth thanks to the sacrifice of his parents. They left the confines of their prison, seeking a new life. They rejected their feeding impulses and only succumbed to them when faced with a truly worthy challenge. Eventually, though, they paid with their lives.

The Huntsman follows his parents' path, trying to reject his feeding impulses, but when they become too strong, he has no choice. He must feed.

The Huntsman is the last of his kind. He eventually settled on Earth, trying to find a new meaning to his existence while always fighting the old way of life that destroyed his race. However, his new home also poses him a great challenge. Earth is a world where there are many beings considered to be heroes. And heroes have the highest amounts of tantric energy.

When  faced by these heroes, he feels the need to confront them and for his actions, he is considered to be an evil being, though in truth, he is just hungry.


Energy manipulation: The Huntsman uses tantric energy. It is a natural electrical field emitted by all living beings. Although some label it as mystical, it is more a biological energy.

Energy absorption: The Huntsman can draw the tantric energy within living entities provided he maintains focus. He also has the ability to absorb and swallow living people whole to add them to the multitude within.

Energy blast: From the cosmic matter his body is made of, he can release blast of that same energy as well as tantric energy.

Physical and energy resistance: His body can take heavy damage from physical, magical and energy attacks.

Weaknesses: Though he can absorb heavy damage from physical, energy and magical sources, he can have great difficulty fending off multiple attacks or sources that take him by surprise. In addition, he has an immense sense of honor and fair play and does not target those that cannot fight back, especially children. Also, his horns are extremely sensitive body parts.

Paraphernalia: He possesses a spear fashioned from the same cosmic matter from which he is made.