Character- The Hurricane

Created by: Mike Silva

Other pictures: The Hurricane full body

Name: Jonathan Spark
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot
Hair: Brown
Age: 18

Born in: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


Jonathan Spark was a young and gifted physics student from the University of Montreal who had been working as an intern in one of the laboratories. The team of students he had joined had been working on a machine that could simulate weather. Although they did have moderate success, the University had informed them that their funding would be slashed if they did not come up with better results by the end of the week.

The team spent the remainder of the week working out the bugs, and barely sleeping in the process. With a few hours remaining before their deadline, they felt confident that they had done all they could and proceeded with their final test.

As clouds started forming in the laboratory, the students began to cheer. They watched in awe as the clouds darkened and swelled and when the rain fell, they hugged and patted themselves on the back. Then, came the lightning.

The sound of the thunder was suddenly drowned by the blaring of the alarm. The experiment was going critical.

Jon and his team tried to shut it down, but the lightning intensified. Two of the students were struck and cried out in pain. Mayhem ensued as the team rushed out, trying to avoid the barrage of lightning. Some were not so lucky and got trampled in the process.

Jon kept his cool and proceeded to help the wounded evacuate. He thought he heard a cry, so looked around the lab one last time to make sure, but there was no one, just the sound of a howling wind. He headed out to save himself but he was too late. He was caught in the blast of the explosion. Lightning danced over and through him as he lay unmoving.

Luckily for him, the blast did not kill him. Had the lightning saved him? All he knew was that now, he was the lightning. He was the storm. He was "The Hurricane".


Speed: The Hurricane as enhanced speed enabling him run up to speeds of Mach 40. His speed also enables him to throw fast punches, and the faster he punches, the greater the damage he inflicts.

At maximum speed he can burst through a concrete wall, although it physically hurts him doing it.

A side effect of his speed has also affected his mental acuity, allowing him to process information faster than the average human. 

Enhanced vitals: His enhanced speed also grants him faster reflexes and a rapid metabolism. 

Healing factor: He also possesses a minor healing factor. He can heal minor injuries in a few minutes, deep cuts and fractures in a few hours and broken bones in a day. But he can still be killed if the injury is too critical.

Elemental blast: He can create some weak winds, push and attract objects or people, and use wind to helps him jump higher.

Lightning blast: The Hurricane can generate electricity from his fists and frets to help him in combat and to knock out weak opponents.

Weaknesses: Due to his fast metabolism and the amount of energy needed to use his powers, The Hurricane needs to regain energy through food or electricity. If he doesn't replenish himself, he will get tired quickly, feel dizzy then pass out.

Paraphernalia: He has a small bag on his back with a custom made battery for him to "feed" on when losing his strength.