Character- Inferal

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Inferal in action

Comic book appearance:

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Red
Eyes: N/A
Height: 3 foot 4 inches

Age: 500
Country of Origin: New England Territories

Ethical alliance: Neutral


In colonial New England, a town of settlers claimed that a witch had made their home amongst them. After one of their own died under mysterious circumstances the townfolk pointed fingers at his wife, whom they believed had used some arcane spell to incur his death.

Their suspicions were correct. The woman was a witch but the death of her husband had been natural. She had gone off into the woods to mourn her beloved's death and was not home when the townfolks arrived. They called her out and upon seeing that she would not confront them, they set her house on fire.

When the witch returned to her burned out home, she found that her four dogs and three cats had all been burned alive. These had been her last link to her husband. With her loss complete, her promised to her husband that she would stay clear of the villagers had come to an end. She was now free to exact her vengeance.

She moved to the charred remains of her pets and summoned their spirits. Combining them with the very fire that killed them, she created a flaming beast of vengeance and set it loose upon the settlement and the world. 

Over the centuries, the creature was spotted many times. It became a beacon for the spirits of animals in pain. Those abused or killed out of spite were drawn to the beasts's power as he was the only one who could give them some form of vengeance. And with every soul the beast attracts, the stronger the beast becomes. It roams the Earth, acting as a force of nature, burning down structures of man.

In the super hero age, it found it's way into Excelsior City, where the media aptly named it, Inferal.


Animal abilities:  Inferal possesses the feral striking force of a dire wolf and the bodily aspect of a canine.

Energy blast: Inferal can shoot blasts of fire from his body.

Immortality: Inferal can be incapacitated for a time but he always manages to come back to full strength. He also has no concept of pain.

Hellfire: Although he was originally created from fire, Inferal's fire is partly nether in nature. It can burn as fire or burn one's soul. 

Weaknesses: His flames can be extinguished with wate, lack of oxygen or flame retardant. When Inferal's flames go out, the skull can be cracked, letting out some of the spirits, incapacitating it for a time. Inferal can also be controlled by animal controlling abilities.