Character- Infinite

Created by:  
Tristen Bagnall & Nick Cagnetti

Other Picture:
Infinite and many more

Real Name: Nolan Brooks
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 18

Nationality:  American

Ethical alliance: Good


Nolan Brooks is a typical college student. He's tired, overworked, and broke. When he`s not busy pulling an all-nighter studying for an engineering exam, he is at his part time job.

Nolan is a registered superhero going by the name Infinite for the sole reason that his powers feel like they have a limit. His world is ever-changing as he meets other superpowered folks.


Energy burst: Can use short uncontrolled bursts of `Infinite energy` that multiplies his powers tenfold, giving him strength unmatched, as well as lightning speed. The nature of this Infinite energy is unknown to Nolan.

Super strength:  Enabling him to lift 300+tons.

Enhanced vitals: He possesses e
nhanced strength, endurance, speed and recovery.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses that he knows of but his fighting skills are nill.

Paraphernalia: Has a slingshot device he built for himself that he uses to get from place to place very quickly. Stored in one of his side plates. He also knows a thing or two about engineering.