Character- Inquisitor Diz
Inquisitor Diz

Created by: Ari Schwartz

Other picture: Inquisitor Diz full body

Name: Dizzerleign
Eyes: Black (including sclera)
Height: 3 foot 3 inches
Hair: Blue
Age: 31

Country of origin: Alternate Earth

Ethical alliance: Good


Diz is from another timeline from an alternate Earth. On her world, long ago, an alien race known as the Annunaki colonized the Earth. With their techno-sorcery ways, they bred multiple slave races, extracted the Earth's resources and eventually left.

Diz is an Inquisitor of the Goblin people, a holy warrior and hunter of demons.

One day, as she was combating a demon-worshipping cultist, he opened a portal and Diz was sucked into it. She was thrown across time and emerged in our world and in our timeline.

After learning the language, and acclimatizing herself to her new life, she found the means to return home, but as she was about to leave, she learned that demons from her own world had made their way to this Earth.

Believing that her god had placed her here to fight this evil, Diz continues her Holy quest to destroy the cancer that is the demonic horde. Be it in her world or in this one, she will continue to be in service to her god. Only when she has fulfilled her task will she return home. 


Magic: Diz's faith in her Holy cause gives her access to the majority of her powers.

Magic sensing: Can detect/locate demons and magic in her presence (detection rune built into her pistols, range up to 1 mile).

Heightened senses: She knows when danger is about to strike, up to 6 seconds before it does.

Healing factor: Through prayer, she can occasionally heal herself up fully.

Enhanced vitals: Through prayer, she can also double her speed or allow her strength to improve to minor superhuman, able to lift 1000 lbs. The effects vary in length and can last from a minute to a day.

Her unique physiology renders her immune to human diseases and her true faith protects her from demonic possession.

Accuracy: She is a master of an exotic gunnery style called the "Pistolier's Dance" which allows her to dual-weild pistols with extreme accuracy and can "juggle-reload" without dropping either of them.

Weaknesses: Being small individual, she relies on agility and guile to avoid taking damage. A single hit that might make a normal human stand firm, would send her flying.

If she were to lose faith in her Holy cause she would lose the majority of her powers, and become susceptible to demonic possession. 

Paraphernalia: She wields two "Beast-teeth" high-capacity semi-auto pistols with a magical detection rune in the handle. These pistols have a limited supply of "Mercurial" ammunition which contain a vial of liquid mercury. Her supply of these are limited so she saves them only for emergencies.

She wears a lightweight tightly woven chain-body armor. She also carries an assortment of gadgets; a Grapple-Gun and Ascender (for high-speed travel), Tangle-bombs that release a sticky gel that can trap foes,  Micro-mines that can be timed or pressure-released and Spurs for kicks or to slow her falls.

Curiosities: Diz is a strict carnivore whose diet consists of milk, meat, cheese, and fungus (although she is also capable of processing alcohol).

Her nonhuman appearance does make several people uncomfortable around her, and she has to suffer some discrimination as a result.