Character- Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Created by: Domestic Vamp

Real Name: Zaila Kesia
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 27
Born in: South Africa

Ethical alliance: Good


When Zaila was 19, she became one of the many victims who survived the crash of the mysterious meteor called GENESIS, in her South African village.

Those who survived the meteor's radiation were transferred away from their homes to a military research institute located in the United States. The reason for this transfer was not to cure the victims but to study how the radiation would affect them until they died.

Zaila was among then and while she was en route, she tried to devise a plan to get out, but could find no escape. A "friend" jokingly told her; "Wouldn't it be great if the doors would just open?" Zaila laughed as she said; "Open Sesame!" But lo and behold, the metal doors twisted and parted.

Seeing the opportunity to escape, the prisoners jumped out of the convoy. Soldiers gave them chase but Zaila managed to get away. A rain of bullets rushed towards her but mysteriously got diverted before contact. Zaila realized that she had prevented them from touching her. Somehow, the radiation from the meteor had opened up her psionic abilities.

Far away from her family and friends, Zaila traveled around America as a solitary wanderer, always fearing that others would learn about her abnormal condition. She tried to go unnoticed by the authorities but faced with the difficulties of trying to adapt in this new world, used her powers to survive the streets of New York.

Practicing constantly, Zaila now has near complete control of her powers, however, the power sometimes runs amok, especially when she is sleeping.

During one of her battles, she met a mysterious man, who like her, had strange powers. He asked her to join him and offered her a chance to prove to the world her true value and potential. He told her that the meteor that had devastated her village had, in reality, been a weapon sent by an alien race.

Zaila asked him how he knew who she was, but the mysterious man simply smiled. As he did, she recognized him. The crooked smile was unmistakable. He was the "friend" who had suggested her to open the doors to her convoy, all those years ago. "Who are you?" She asked him.  "Join me, and you will learn." He answered.

Zaila decided to accept his offer. Together they would fight those who would threaten the human race.


Metalokinesis: Zaila psionic ability helps her interact with various metals. She can control metallic objects and shape them to her wish. She can direct them and fire them at her enemies.

Barrier: If metal is around her, she can use it to build walls of protection.

Constructs: She has used her power to fashion all kinds of objects, some as large as bridges. 

Physical resistance: Zaila also has the power to strengthen herself for a limited time by modifying the properties distributed in the iron of her blood. Through this risky skill, Zaila acquires a colossal strength and increased resistance.

Power armor: The armor Zaila has manufactured serves primarily as a power regulator, which prevents Zaila from losing control when tired or asleep and fine tunes her powers for greater efficiency.

The armor is also made of coiled copper and possesses an electric generator enabling Zaila to temporarily create a powerful magnetic field around her.

Super strength: Zaila can boost her strength to a level where she can lift around 80 tons.

Flight: By willing her metalic armor off the ground, she can make it fly as fast as 200 mph.

Weaknesses: Controling the armor while using her powers for attacks or to generate a magnetic field, tends to overtax Zaila's mind after a while. When she is mentally drained, the armor become a moderate type of protection.  In this conditions, Zaila can still use her metalokinetic powers, but her control is more erratic.

Paraphernalia: A crystal located close to Zaila's neck determines the armor's capacity resistance. When the crystal acquires a blue color, it indicates that the equipment no longer offers the same protection.