Character- Jill O' Lantern
jill O`Lantern

Created by: Rodney Lockett 

Other pictures:

Art by Joe de Santos

First appearance: 
Iron Gate Universe #7  

Real Name: Jill O'Sullivan
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5'9"
Age: 19

Nationality: Ireland

Ethical alliance: Evil

Jill was a university student at Trinity College. She was a loner and other students made fun of her when they found out she dabbled in Wicca. Still, two girls befriended Jill saying they were interested in Wicca as well and on Halloween night, they met up to do a ritual of summoning the dead.

What Jill didn't know, however, was that the girls had no interest in Wicca. They just wanted to make fun of Jill and halfway thru the ritual, they started mocking and beating her. Jill struggled against them but the girls fought with such tenacity that they finally killed her. As they laughed at what they had done, they poured pumpkin seeds down her throat and buried her laughing as they wondered if  pumpkins would actually grow here.

Unbeknownst to the girls though, was that they had buried Jill on hallowed ground. A place where Samhain rituals had been performed centuries ago. The girls thought the ritual was a sham and that no one was really listening, but they were wrong.

Pukah, the great shape-shifting creature, was summoned and saw what they had done. He called forth the magical powers of the ancients and transformed Jill into a being much like himself. 

Jill's first act of revenge was to kill the girls who were responsible for her death. It turned out that Jill's resurrection had changed her more than just physically. She was now a creature of vengeance, and she wanted the world to pay for mocking her and her faith! Everyone would now fear Halloween and fear the wrath of Jill O'Lantern!


Migration: Jill has the ability to travel across distances using soil as a means of transport.

Entomopathy: She can also control all types of bugs and insects.

Healing factor: Jill has a healing power that allows her to heal quickly. It even allows her to repair her most obvious weakness; her Jack O'Lantern head.

Weaknesses: Her power is deprived if she is separated from the earth/soil for long periods.