Character- Kestrel

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

First appearance: 
Kestrel #1

Other Picture: Kestrel full body

Art by: VenneccaBlind

Real Name: Darcy Harris
Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 35
Born in: Australia

Sexual preference: Women

Ethical alliance:


Darcy's father was a computer hobbyist and a tinkerer, who made a fair amount of money from selling his products to reputable companies. His financial success, however, could not save his marriage. His wife left him but Darcy and her older brother chose to stay with him. Her brother Darrell moved to live with their mother.

By the time she was 18, Darcy became suspicious towards her father. He was spending too time away from home and became evasive when she tried to ask him about it. Wanting to get some answers, she started her own investigation and it paid off. She discovered that her father was the vigilante superhero known as Osprey.

It took some convincing, but after threatening to reveal his secret to her mother, her dad agreed to let her join him in his crime fighting life. Darcy assumed her own identity under the name Kestral. The two fought side by side for several years but soon, her father's health deteriorated and when he finally retired his cape, so did Darcy.

Although they had retired from the crime fighting life, they did not live idly. During retirement, Darcy and her father went on to develop a revolutionary new design apparatus. It could convert hard light holograms to be displayed in a solid state, allowing them to be touched, modified and tested in real time.

Her brother Darrell, who had since become a successful business man, helped them sell the technology to companies around the world, and the family's wealth grew into the multibillions. But soon after the success their father died, leaving all of his controlling shares of the company to Darcy.

Darcy left Darrell to run the company, while she took some of the money to buy her own private residence. 

Living the somewhat dull life of a billionaire heiress, Darcy attended a high level Gala with some of the city's richest and most prominent people. There, she took an interest in a female prosecutor who told her that she was on the verge of breaking a case against the major crime syndicates in the city and that once it was done, the city would be turned upside down. Unfortunately, before the case could go public, the mob made a move to take the prosecutor out.

Darcy, forced to dust off her old hero suit to respond to the threat, knows that once she returns to hero work, it will not be easy to leave it again.


Martial arts: Champion at kickboxing, self defence and at disarming martial arts.  She is adept at knife throwing and acrobatics. Her years of fighter training and hero work have increased her stamina and upped her pain tolerance.

Power accessory: Kestrel uses an assortment of gadgets to enhance her skills.

Stealth:  She has been trained in covert silent infiltration.

Physical resistance: She wears a standard body armor that can withstand multiple hits from high caliber assault rifle and hunting rounds. Her cape can withstand .50 cal rounds. 

The years she spent fighting crime alongside her father has made her a skilled detective.

Weaknesses:  Standard human. She has no super powers.

Paraphernalia: Her mask has the ability to shift vision setting from normal, to low light/night vision, infrared, UV, and backscatter X-ray. And can even reroute to the visual feed of one of her many drones.

Wrist mounted cable launcher, attached directly to the suit. It is a nylon-carbon harness that properly distributes her weight while swinging to avoid injury.

She has an arsenal of various feather shaped throwing knives. They can vary from standard to taser, knockout gas, smoke, bola constrictors, EMP and low grade explosive. These can be stored several places around her suit like on the inside of the cape, in pockets around her waist and stomach, and inside her arm gauntlets.

Her cape in made of a high strength carbon nanotube fabric, with several thin layers of titanium coated ceramic plates. These plates are interwoven into the cape in an overlay patter. If an electric current is passed through the fabric, the fabric locks into its current form/ shape. The combination of the materials makes it bullet proof and fire proof when it is locked in it solid state.

In a similar fashion to her cape, the tips of the fingers on her gloves can also be hardened to form sharp talon like claws.

"Birds of a feather" are a swarm of micro UAVs build by Darcy and her dad as a way of helping them in their crime fighting endeavours. Each is roughly 6 inches in diameter, 250 in number and are completely silent. They are hooked up to satellites and can have an operational range of about 1000 miles. Originally they were only used for surveillance and tracking down criminals. Since then Darcy has upgraded them, they have an advanced swarm mentality programming, allowing them to operate in several modes. Search: sends them out to cover the city until they pick up on any trace or clue of the current case. They have video cameras and microphones with facial and voice recognition tech. Investigation: once a lead is confirmed all drones converse to the location and set up a surveillance parameter, then a group of drones then attempt to infiltrate the target site to gather more information using advanced room mapping and navigation. Kestral flock: a new feature that allows Kestral to use her drones to create holographic decoys of herself that move around an area making it appear as if she is everywhere at once.