Character- Kid Intense
Kid intense

Created by: Vincent Morris

First appearance:

T.R.I.B.A.L. Stories 1 to 9.

Other picture:
Kid Intense colored cover 

Real Name: Richard Kane 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
6 foot 4 inches
Age: 16
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Richard Kane was just an average teenager until he came accross a diamond from space which gave him amazing powers, he became Kid Intense, and he is the champion of Good. He fights evil doers, solves global problems, and even helps innocent people.

He was trained by a beautiful mentor named Aura, and she taught him how to master his powers and become the greatest superhero that ever was.


Flight: He can fly and leave Earth's atmosphere.

Star travel: Capable of travel inter-stellar distances.

Invulnerability: Can withstand the most powerful of forces.

Super breath: Can expel air from his lungs with extreme force capable of moving objects.

Optic blast: Can produce a high intensity beam with his eyes.

Super speed: His speed enables him to achieve light speed and enter warped space.

Enhanced senses: He possesses a heightend sense warning him of potential threats.

Repel/draw: Through a technique he calls "Force", he can move or push objects.

Martial arts: His Mentor, Aura, trained him in various forms of combat.

Weaknesses: None