Character- Kilspyke

Created by: Carlton Shaw

Other Pictures: Kilspyke full body
First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1 


Real Name: Jake Carlson
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 1 inches

Age: 26
Country of Origin: United Territories of America (alternate USA)

Ethical alliance: Good


Jake Carlson always knew he was different. Growing up, he never got sick and he always healed rather quickly. He led a fairly normal life until his senior year of High School. He had joined the football team, almost as an afterthought, and found that he was pretty good at it. His stamina was amazing and he just shrugged off any hit he took. Everything changed homecoming night...

The game was almost over and his team was about to win, when Jake found himself at the bottom of a particularly nasty dogpile. For some reason, this hit had been different. His body ached and he began to pass out. That's when his real powers surfaced. While he was at the bottom of the pile of bodies, spikes exploded out from him. The bodies on top of him never stood a chance. The spikes had torn through flesh and bone, slaughtering most of the players.

Weeks later, Jake awoke in the local hospital. He was in restraints but before he had time to contemplate his situation, mayhem ensued. That's when his world was attacked. The enemy was known as the Ritel and they had decided to launch their first attack.

Jake found the strength to free himself and proceeded to fight his way out of the hospital. Unleashing his newfound power, he faced down multiple Ritel, saving a number of people in the process.

As he left the hospital, his first thoughts were of his mother and brother. He raced across town devastating the Ritel offensive as he went but when he reached his home, found it engulfed in flames. More Ritel were there and as they saw him, they diverted their forces to confront to this new threat.

Faced with anguish at the loss of his family and surrounded by overwhelming forces, he resigned himself to the idea that this would also be his last day. But if he was to die, he would take as many as he could with him.

Many Ritels fell at his hands and spikes but their numbers were too great. Jake was getting tired and soon he too would fall, but as luck would have it, help arrived. Other heroes had joined the battle and Heroes Inc was among them.

After the battle, Jake was asked to join Heroes Inc. He did not think very long for his answer. With the loss of his family and had his recent transformation, he wasn't ready to face life alone or as an outcast. Heroes Inc had given him the opportunity to have a new family. A family with others like him. A family where he could belong.

And a place where he, dare he think it, could be a hero.


Natural weapons: Kilspyke's main weapons are bony protrusions that extend out of his body. The spikes are made of bone and are retractable.

Healing factor:  His body can heal most injuries in a matter of minutes to hours, depending on the amount of damage received.

Weaknesses: His healing factor is impressive but it needs for Kilspyke to be alive to work, so if something were to kill him instantly (head blown off, heart removed), his body would never have a chance to heal.