Character- Lady DarkStorm
Lady DarkStorm

Created by: Taylor Cottingham

Other Picture:
Lady DarkStorm full body

Real Name: Veronica (Ronnie)
Hair: Blue 
Eyes: Hazel
 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 30
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


While driving home for Spring Break during her sophomore year at Freedom State University, a mysterious tornado touched down near the state road on which Ronnie was driving. The tornado dissipated a few feet from her car and reformed further down the road behind her. At that moment a mystic force was awakened inside Ronnie.

Ronnie dropped out of school to become a storm chaser, gaining strength and mastery of the weather with each encounter. By the time she was 24, Ronnie could control thunder, lightning, winds and temperatures.  She could ride the winds, freeze the air around her and command lightning strikes.

But she also found a dark presence within the elements. That presence had been brought about by the large scale deaths that had been caused from the untold number of natural disasters. Ronnie was able to tap into an other worldly presence, though it drained her physically and mentally. Still, eventually, she learned to control this dark force as well as the elemental forces.

Donning the identity of Lady DarkStorm, Ronnie has vowed to use her elemental powers for good. She seeks to help others and bring a balance to the destructive forces caused by the weather. 


Weather control: She has a mastery over the weather and temperature and can control the winds, thunder and lightning.

Elemental blasts: Her mastery over the elements enables her to unleash blasts of air and bolts of lightning

Energy blasts: By reaching into the dark elements, she can unleash their energy.

Flight: By riding the winds, she can fly as fast as 250 miles per hour.

Energy resistance: She is able to withstand temperature extremes, from the glacial antarctic winds to  as much as the 50 000 degree of a lightning bolt.

By creating an oxygen enriched air, she can use it for healing purposes.

Weaknesses:  Her powers are based on the elements and are weakened indoors. Lightning bolts become inaccurate and she gets mentally and physically drained when using the dark elements. She is not a skilled melee combatant.