Character- Lady Sentry
Lady Sentry

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

Other Picture: Lady Sentry full body


Real Name: Kaitlyn Grier
Hair: Black

Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 18
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Kaitlyn was sleeping in her older brother's car when he and his friends were pulled over by the police. The over-aggressive cops had mistaking them for two robbery suspects and had their guns drawn as they ordered the two men out of the car.

Her brother tried to talk to them, telling them his sister was asleep in the back, but the cops refused to listen and asked them to empty their pockets, As they did so, one of the officers mistook a shiny lighter the friend was pulling out for a gun and opened fire. 

Kaitlyn awoke at the sound of the shooting. She couldn't feel her legs and knew something was wrong. She called to her brother, but there was no answer. She crawled out of the car calling his name and she found him. She lay her head on his chest, crying. He was dead.

The police approached her and saw the nine year old covered in blood. One of their stray bullet had made its way through the car and struck her in the the spine. She would never walk again.

Her family, struggling with the loss of the brother and the now paralyzed Kaitlyn, was nearly torn apart but Kaitlyn refused to accept her paralysis. Even though the doctors said it was futile, Kaitlyn kept trying and one day, while she was alone in her room, her powers manifested. She was mentally picturing herself wearing an exo-skeleton to help her walk when the suit mysteriously formed around her.

She later understood her powers as the ability to manipulate a strange form of energy similar to a the cosmic element called Eather from old alchemical and medieval writings, which acts as both Matter and Energy, but at the same time being neither one.

Her powers were unreliable at first, so she kept them a secret. But then her city fell into disorder, disrepair and disenfranchisement. With gangs running rampant, government officials and corrupt businesses squandering money to help fill their pockets, and aggressive cops strong arming the lower class citizens, Kaitlyn took it upon herself to use her powers to help her city.

The patrons of the city have dubbed her "Lady Sentry" and while she is welcomed by the public, the police force and government officials see her as a threat to their domination and control.


Constructs: Kaitlyn has the ability to control and condense astral energy into solid constructs that can be formed into various shapes or machines. Being a tech enthusiast and an avid gamer, her constructs tend to be extremely complex, consisting of hundreds of moving parts. 

Power armor: She can make exo-suit constructs that not only allow her to walk normally, but also augment her speed, strength and reflexes. As well as constructs armor plates that protect her from firearms and blades.

Physical/energy resistance:  Once her constructs are active, they protect her against large calibre firearms and immense physical forces. An invisible layer of energy covers her body while her constructs are activated, and if an energy weapon breaks through the visible constructs, the energy is dispersed by this layer, but is transferred into kinetic energy.

While the armor may not break from a superhuman punch, some of the impact energy is transferred to Kaitlyn's body, albeit at the reduced level of a normal human. She can, however, make her constructs stronger if she concentrates to resist more powerful attacks.

Super strength: Her simplest armor constructs allow her to walk, but as she needs them, she can add additional mechanisms to the original armor. Some can allow her to jump over a five story building, lift up to 5 tons, cling to and climb up walls, or create mechanical fists to break through walls.

Super jump: Kaitlyn can use her constructs to build a variety of machines, that are mechanical, electrical or hydraulically powered. these are used for combat but also as a method of transportation around the city. Enhanced hydraulic legs with springs allow her to jumps extreme distances even from building to building. 

Photographic reflexes:  Having a semi-photographic memory, Kaitlyn can remember and recall fighting styles she has seen, copying mainly from video games, while with a simple mental command have her constructs to replicate the move, her body merely following along.

Weaknesses:  Her constructs are made of energy from the orange side of the light spectrum and, as such, are affected by weapons based on energy from the blue side of the light spectrum. These can disrupt the construct's bonds and break or deactivate them.

The constructs cannot be used as projectile weapons. They can only push people if they are in contact with the construct.

While her constructs are extremely strong, her body remains that of a typical human with as such human weaknesses and limits.

Machines made by constructs cannot be chemically powered, IE powered by gasoline or other chemical reason.

Paraphernalia: She carries a police scanner, a wireless headset and advanced HUD inside her mask. She also has computer spike drives to allow her remote access to computer systems.