Character- Tal, the Last Guardian

Created by: FRM

Other pictures: 
The Last Guardian full body

Real Name: Steven Smith/Tal
Hair: Brown/Bald
Eyes: Gold
 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 30
Born in: USA/Mars

Ethical alliance: Good


Steven Smith was an American archaeologist following clues that would lead him to an unidentified ancient civilization and it was in Greenland that his search came to an end.  

With the melting ice caps, the northern part of the island had begun to reveal some of its hidden secrets, one of which was what looked like a submerged building. Steven found an opening and entered it.

As he searched the strange building, he came upon a being frozen in a tank. The being was not human and he wore a strange glowing ring. Steven approached the tank, and placed his hand on it. A blinding flash of light erupted and Steven's mind was filled with new knowledge.

He learned that the being was an alien named Tal and that he was from Mars. He also learned that what he had thought was a building was in reality a spaceship.

Millennia ago, Tal was a Guardian and wielder of a ring called a Phantom-key. The Guardians were an elite planetary corps of peacekeepers armed with energy-powers. Their powers came from the Phantomdrive, which taps into the null-time energies of the Phantom-dimension (a sort of bubble of space outside of time). The Guardians were armed with special rings inlaid with what, at first, seem to be a white jewel, but really is a point exuding silvery light. These Phantom-keys could access the Phantomdrive.

The scientists of Mars foretold that their world would soon lose its atmosphere and all would die, so the people began building spaceships to discover if life was possible on the nearby planet, the one third from the sun.
Although they had achieved rudimentary space flight for some time, the majority of their exploration had been done through semi-manned, long term, out-of-system exploration, but had never before had the need to spend so much on sending out so many people.

Tal was assigned to one of these ship, and he, with his crew, were put into cryo-stasis for the journey. However, as the ship entered the Terran atmosphere, it malfunctioned and crashed.

Steven's mind cleared and the influx of knowledge stopped. He looked for the frozen man, but Tal was gone. Well not really gone. His body was gone but Steven could still feel him. Somehow, he had become a part of him. Tal's mind and memories were now his, as was the Phantom-key.

He knew now, that the flash of light had been a blast of Phantom-energy, which had been released by the Phantom-key to preserve Tal's life. Tal would now survive bonded to Steven.

Steven searched the rest of the ship and found that Tal had been the only survivor but form Tal's memories he knew that Tal's ship had not been the only one sent and perhaps others may still be hidden somewhere on the planet.

But what had happened to the Martians and the other Guardians? If they had managed to set down on this new world, then what had become of them? Had they lived out their lives for a time? Had they eventually died of natural causes or had life on Earth been too inhospitable for them? Steven could only speculate, but maybe if he continued his research he would find the answers to these questions.

And search he did, but much of his time was taken up by a more pressing task. As he gradually melded with Tal the Guardian, Steven became an amalgation of both beings. He also discovered that he could take either form, if need be. Since the Phantom-key gave him incredible powers, he decided that he would use that power to help people, and fight crime. Using his amalgated form as a disguise, he began using the name of his host, Tal, the Last Guardian.

In time, Steven learned that there was a Martian scientist who had developed a device called the Phoenixdrive, which he theorized could equal, or even surpass, the Phantomdrive. The corps of Guardians never discovered what it truly did, but learned it would be a threat to them, and so destroyed it.

In modern times, on Earth, someone rediscovered the Phoenixdrive, and it caught Tal's attention. Tal discovered that the energies of the Phoenixdrive could neutralize his Phantom-energy.  Tal successfully destroyed the Phoenixdrive, or so he thought...


Power accessory: All of Tal's abilities come from the Phantom-key. Without it he is no different than ordinary Humans or Martians.

Telekinesis: Tal can use the power of the Phantom-key to move objects via his mind.

Power lift: Through telekinesis he can lift a maximium weight of around 2 tons.

Flight: By combining his telekinesis with the Phantom energy, Tal can fly at speeds of multiple Mach, enabling him to travel all over the planet in a relatively short time.

Force fields: The Phantom-key enables him to build fields of force which can protect him form major attacks.

Energy blast: He can discharge blasts of Phantom energy capable of destroying most man made structures.

Transform: Although Tal is a perfect hybrid of both race, he can also shift from Human to Martian at will.

Furthermore, from the knowledge that was passed through the Guardian corps, it is said that he can enter the Phantom State, in which he becomes a sort of powerless, but immortal, energy ghost. However, entering this state requires for him to have another person with his powers to exit it, so Tal has never done it.

Weaknesses: The Phoenixdrive or its energy are his primary concern but he is also vulnerable to psychic interference or psychic attacks.