Character- Lieutenant J
Lieutenant J

Created by: Redentor A. de la Rosa
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Lieutenant J

Real Name: Justice Legis
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
5 foot 7 inches
Age: 27
Born in: Philippines

Ethical alliance: Good


One of the major benevolent gods that sprung from the Nephilim race was the goddess of justice, Lustitia. For some time, Lustitia had been seeking for one with whom she could share her power of justice. It was true that the world was full of fear and turmoil and many humans had taken the task of fighting these evils, but Lustitia did not want to give her power to just anyone, she needed to find the worthiest of them all.

Her search was coming to an end. She had narrowed it down to a police district somewhere in the Philippines. Her chosen one was one of the police officers working there but Lustitia needed to be sure which was the one, so she devised a test to that effect. 

Lustitia fashioned a pair of handcuffs and imbued them with her power. She posed as a mysterious stranger and went about to test the police officers. She asked them to try to break the chain of the cuffs with their bare hands.

The officers were reluctant at first, knowing full well that it was an impossible thing to do, but after the stranger assured them that it was indeed possible, they gave it a try.

The strongest male officers tried first but failed. Others followed and tried as well, thinking the whole thing was a bad joke, and true enough, they too failed. One of the officers saw a young female officer busy at her desk and asked her to give it a try, but she told him she had better things to do than play silly games.

But Lustitia had come to test everyone, so she brought the cuffs to the young woman and waited for her to try. To everyone's amazement, the young officer broke the chain.

When they were alone, Lustitia told her that she had been chosen because she was the only person who didn't run away from her responsibilities, and as such, she was worthy of the power she had received.

The young officer, learned that in order to transform, she has to wear her magical handcuffs and then breaks the pair apart while shouting, "JUSTICE UNBIND!" The chains would then wrap around her wrists and give her great powers.


Super strength: Her enhanced strength enables her to lift close to 1000 tons.

Flight: She can fly and reach speeds of Mach 8.

Speed: Her running speed is about half that of her flying, maxing out at Mach 4.

Empathy: She can sense heightened emotions especially distress from a distance of 10 km. Once she senses the emotion, she can concentrate on its source and re-construct the image and identify whether it comes from a human male, female, adult or child. She can even identify the person if she/he is a former acquaintance. She can also sense other emotions, such as anger and killing motive but her range is more limited.

Healing factor: If she is injured, her cuffs allow her body to heal with accelerated speed.

Power accessory: Her cuffs given to her by Lustitia allows her to fly, fire her special attack, give her accelerated healing and level up her defence through the chains.

Energy blast: Also known as her SPECIAL ATTACK, she can project energy in the form of a handcuff. The chain ( lengthens up to 50 metres) and the handcuff (grows bigger to fit the size of the enemy) are made of pure energy emanating from the handcuff on her wrist.

In order to use her special attack, she has to toss the energy handcuff to catch the enemy. She then connects the chains in her wrists, snaps them again, and the handcuff explodes. Connecting the chains and snapping them, therefore, acts like a fuse detonating the energy handcuff.

For maximum damage, she has to catch the enemy with the two energy handcuffs projected from her hands respectively. The two exploding as one will cause 10x more powerful blast than a single handcuff.

Weaknesses: Without her cuffs, she cannot fly or fire energy and her defences are lower.