Character- Lobster Tank 
Lobster Tank

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 
Lobster Tank

Real Name: Sirena
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 5 feet 4 inches/7 feet (in armor)
Age: 27

Nationality:  Atlantean

Ethical alliance: Evil (to surface dwellers)


Sirena's father was formally the leader of the Royal Guard. She had an older brother who was killed during a skirmish with the surface world, and this incident created a drift between her father and her.

Sirena excelled at school and was considered a genius, but always felt she had disappointed her father by being a female. She applied to join the Royal Guard, but her physical scores were not high enough for her to be considered.  Her IQ, however, was off the charts, so she was placed in the tech and weapons division. There, she helped create many devices for the civilization of Atlantis.

But she still felt it wasn't enough in her father's eyes. She then began working on a secret project in her private lab. She worked for hours during her off-time, and family and friends rarely saw her. Then one day, the aqua sirens sounded. An Atlantean outpost had been attacked and many had been killed. The nation's super team, the Seaguard, was dispatched to investigate and repel any invaders.

The Guard managed to push the enemy back to the shores, and requested support, but there were none to be sent who could survive out of the ocean. Sirena decided that it was time her suit was put into action. She had finished building it, and it was ready for a test run. She crawled into her suit and set off to the location where the battle was raging on.

The Sea Guard did not recognize the massive figure before them, but when it fired at one of the costumed enemies, they knew it was on their side.

After the battle, they headed back to Atlantis and the armored ally was ordered to follow them back to the king.

When they arrived at the palace, the King thanked the members of the Seaguard and asked the ally what its name was. Sirena replied Lobster Tank, which got a chuckle from some of those in the crowd. Still, the King offered Lobster Tank a place on the Seaguard.

Sirena knew that no woman had ever been allowed to be members of the Seaguard, but she could not join without revealing that fact. She climbed out of the armor and stood before the King. He looked at her, an air of surprise crossed his face, then he smiled. He would honor his words.

It was then that Sirena noticed her father was in the crowd, and that made her nervous. But as their eyes met, she saw that his demeanor was one of acceptance and pride.


Power armor: Sirena has built her power suit with advanced Atlantean technology. It is equipped with a massive energy disruptor and has pincer claws that can crush and tear apart most anything.

Energy blast: Sirena's armor can fire powerful beams of energy from its hands, capable of razing vast areas. 

Flight: The suit is equipped with a propulsion system enabling it to fly at multiple Mach speed.

Physical and energy resistance: The suit can withstand the pressures of the deepest parts of the ocean, as well as, most attacks, including an atomic blast.

Super strength:  Lobster Tank can lift around 65 tons.

Weaknesses: The suit does need to be recharged every 36 hours.