Character- Lord Stonecold
Lord Stonecold

Created by: Manual Menio Platsis

Other Picture: 
Lord Stonecold full body

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: None
Hair: None
Eyes: Turquoise
Height: 6 foot 9 inches / 7 foot 11 inches
Age: 49 since awakening
Country of origin: Planet Trisen 

Ethical alliance: Good


On a very cold winter night, the cult known as the Withered Hand was performing a ritual to summon a champion who would fight for them and one that they could control. The ritual was meant to summon a fire elemental, who historically had a tendency towards evil, but something went wrong and instead of the fire elemental a land elemental appeared.

The Withered Hand was disappointed by the outcome. Controlling a fire elemental had never been done before. They had hoped that they would have been the first to do so. As it were, the granite giant who stood before them did not look very threatening. Still, controlling an elemental, even one made of stone, would give them great power.

To complete the ritual and "cement" their hold on the giant, they offered it a sacrifice. The young girl stood afraid as she stared at the giant before her. The giant stared at her then, at the men who had summoned it. Its expressionless face shifted and became a snarl. Its body grew larger and rockier. The giant struck the ground.

The priests were sent flying as the ground erupted beneath them. Rocks tore their bodies apart. The ground swallowed them. Within moments, there were no traces that they had ever been there. Only the young girl remained.

She was still shaking but only from the cold. She was no longer frightened and could see the elemental was not evil as the Hand had hoped. The elemental had freed her and had shielded and protected her.

The young girl touched him to thank him. Do you have a name, My lord? She asked him. But the giant remained silent as he picked her up. He summoned warm rock from deep below the ground and wrapped her in warmth as he transported her home. 

As they made their way out of the wilds, the young girl kept thanking him. Calling him Lord Stonecold. She told him of her village and of herself. She said her name was Lizzie and asked him what his was. But the giant continued to be silent. What could he say? He was new to this world. He was an elemental and until the moment he had been summoned, had never known he was a part of something more. All he had felt upon awakening was that the men had been evil and the child innocent. 

Now he wanted to learn more of this world. He wanted to understand why evil made him angry and why innocence made him care. He would stay and learn and yes, he would take a name. He would take the name the innocent child had given him.


Geokinesis: Lord Stonecold is an Earth elemental and can manipulate the rocks and the land.

Magma manipulation: His control of the rock extend to those deep in the planet's crust including molten rock.

Elemental blast: Lord Stonecold release dirt and rocks in powerful blasts.

Barrier: He can also fashion walls to protect others.

Transform: He can take on 2 different forms. The more humanoid form is composed of granite, while his battle form is composed of an unknown rock that is nearly indestructible. 

Migration: Lord Stonecold can travel through the rocky layer of the planet and emerge anywhere in the world.

Super strength: Lord Stonecold can move objects in the 30+ tons range.