Character- Lord Trimer 
Lord Trimer

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Trimer
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Age: 36

Born in: Atlantis

Ethical alliance: Evil


Trimer was born in Atlantis to parents of the Royal Family. He was born with a third eye on his forehead, and had he not been born with royal blood, he would have been outcast or killed at birth. However, despite his deformity, he was given the right to live, but was kept secluded from the public. This isolation gave him plenty of time to focus on his training and education.

When he reached 14 years of age, his third eye began to cause him discomfort. He could barely see with it, and every day his vision became more and more blurry. He started wearing a patch to keep it covered because it gave him terrible headaches. The scientist and doctors ran tests, but could not see what was causing the problem.

One day, as he was going to class, he has a vision that a transport was going to crash and hit him. He stopped, shaken by the thought, and a few seconds later the accident did happen. Had he kept going, he would have been struck, like in his vision.

After further tests, it was revealed that his third eye could glimpse certain events ten seconds before they happened. For the most part, these events were directly related to his own life, allowing him to alter his decision if his action would prove to be ill-suited. This precognition also proved to be very useful in combat situations, as he could anticipate moves from his opponent.

It also turned out that his third eye was not the only abnormality he had been born with. As he matured, his strength grew beyond normal and his body became denser to the point where a shark's razor-sharp teeth could not even cut him, and it was then that his training shifted.

He was directed to join the Royal Guard, where he quickly rose up in rank until he became leader of the Seaguard.

On one of his missions against the surface dwellers, an overexcited Trimer broke through the ocean surface and shot out into the air, but instead of falling back to the water, he found himself floating above the sea. He panicked trying to figure out how to get down before realizing that he was also breathing air.

Then his third eye showed him that an enemy missile was heading for him. Instinctively, he dodged it, not realizing that he had done so while still in the air. Coming to terms that he could now fly and breathe air, he made short work of the vessels that were attacking Atlantis. 


Super strength: Lord Trimer's strength allows him to lift around 60 tons.

Flight: He can fly and reach speeds approximating Mach 1.

Indestructibility: His body is very dense and can resist most forms of attacks.

Precognition: Lord Trimer's third eye enables him to glimpse events some ten seconds before they happen. 

Underwater breathing: Like all Atlanteans, he can breathe underwater.