Character- Lordra the Good
Lordra the Good

Created by: Dereck Matthews

Other Pictures: Lorda full body
First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1 


Real Name: Lorda Umenyiora
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 

Age: 27
Country of Origin: Africa

Ethical alliance: Good


Lordra was born in the mythical African Kingdom of Nexcarre, thirty-three seconds after her twin sister Mordra. Her father's joy at the birth of his twin daughters turned to bitterness and sadness when his wife admitted that the children were not his. Their mother fled in shame and eventually abandoned her daughters while their father died of heartbreak the next day as his true love left him.

Lordra was taken in by the stern yet kind warrior King Athna and his wife Queen Ijgoma. Having no children of their own, they raised Lordra as their own.

Lordra was trained from the time she could walk to be a warrior and leader and as the years passed, Lordra's skill and mastery of the sword became renowned throughout the land. Her primary instructor was the mysterious Japanese sword maker, Masamune. She adopted the katana as her primary weapon in his honor.

Lordra was 27 when she learned of her twin sister. Mordra had been raised by a witch doctor and Lordra arranged to meet them at their home but when she arrived, she found the man dying.  Strange claw like wounds had torn him apart. His last words were: You must stop the evil one...Mordra...."

Confused by what she had heard she returned to the palace to speak with her father, the King. As she entered the palace grounds she immediately realized something was wrong. The guardians of the King and Queen were missing. Lordra burst into the throne room to discover a scene of utter devastation. The royal guards had been sliced apart, without having raised a weapon in defence.

On the throne, King Athna sat eyes open and unmoving. He had been assassinated. Lordra proceeded to the Queen's chambers only to find a scene as horrid. The Queen's attendants had been slaughtered. The surprised looks on their faces a grim reminder of the swiftness of the attack. Amidst the carnage lay the Queen, her death imminent. As Lordra cradled the only mother she had ever known in her arms, Queen Ijgoma with her last breath uttered one word "...Mordra...."

Lordra wanted revenge so sought out her teacher, Masamune. She asked him to make her a sword blessed with the warrior spirit of the fallen.

Now armed with her sword Meibatsu (Retribution), which only she can wield, Lordra has vowed to track down her sister, right any wrongs she can and fight evil wherever it may occur.


Martial arts: Lordra has been training since she was a little girl.

Paraphernalia: Lordra has a special sword named Meibatsu (Retribution)