Character- Magiz

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Magiz full body

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
5 foot 2 inches (1.60 m)
Age: Around 4100
Country of Origin: Unspecified but somewhere in Mesopotamia

Ethical alliance: Evil

Sexual preference: Females/males


Magiz story begins after the fall of the Akkad Dynasty, in ancient Mesopotamia. When the last powerful king of the Akkad Dynasty died, there began a power struggle among the most powerful city-states, one of which belonged to Magiz's lover, Enusat.

Enusat started to conquer the neighbouring cities but soon realized that he did not have enough power to battle the largest of cities. The rulers of these had formidable armies but more importantly, many had the help of mages to help protect their borders.

In order to achieve the victory he wanted, he had to gain that power as well. The problem was that Enusat was afraid of magic and believed it would corrupt his soul and deny him entrance to the world of the afterlife. 

As he revealed his fear to his lover, Magiz agreed that she would find that power and become his weapon. What she hadn't told him, however, was that she had been searching for that very power herself, for a long time, but always in secret. She knew Enusat would not have approved had he known, but now that he had broached the subject, Magiz had no need to hide anymore.

Enusat gave her his full support and offered Magiz a book that had been kept hidden deep under his city. It was said to have once belonged to a dark mage who had been consumed by his own power, or so the legend said. Magiz gladly took the book and after months of study, she eventually unlocked its magic and managed to conjure the dark energy.

Magiz was thrilled as she saw the dark force dance along her fingertips but when she tried to return the magic back inside its realm, it refused to. The dark energy had been searching for a way out and now it had found it.

Magiz tried desperately to send it back into its world, but the darkness latched onto Magiz's hands and started to devoure them. It continued to grow and then devoured her arms but before it could do more damage, Magiz gained an understanding of what that force was and assumed total control over it. Unfortunately, it was too late and her arms were now gone, but Magiz didn't care. Her new power more than made up for it.

With Magiz as his ally, Enusat started to invade the other cities, and one by one, they fell under Magiz's power. Enusat's power grew and the few remaining city-states became fearful.

Rather than fight Enusat's army alone, the remaining cities joined forces and unleashed their own mages to battle Magiz. While the mages confronted Magiz, one of them sought out Enusat and killed him. Magiz went into a wild murderous rage and killed the remaining mages.

When she went to confront Enusat's murderer, he was waiting for her, seemingly unafraid. Magiz rushed him but before she could reach him, he opened the book from whence the dark energy had come. Magiz was pulled into the book and the mage sealed her inside it.

For millenia, the book was lost, until it was recovered along with thousands of other books during an archaeological expedition. The books were sent to a museum where an old librarian and book collector kept watch over them.

As he was cataloguing the books, he released Magiz by accident.

Magiz found herself in a new world. Her centuries in prison had taken away her anger but now in this new strange world, she felt scared.

The librarian did not reveal her existence to the world and began to teach her how to live in this day and age. She learned quickly but a part of her was missing. With her lover dead, she didn't feel like a person anymore. All that she was now, was a weapon. A weapon that needed to be used.

When she felt ready to confront this new world, she left in search of a master to serve. A master who could use the weapon that she was.


Magic: Her arms are formed from concentrated black colored magical energy.

Super strength: She can lift a maximum of 50 tons with her arms or with any structures or objects that she can create from them.

Flight: She can change her arms into wings that can allow her to fly at a top speed of 300 km/h, but she can also create aircraft that are capable of higher speeds.

Construct: Her arms can take any shape she desires and are connected to her by covering her upper back. She doesn't have normal arms, but instead uses the concentration of magical energy to create normal arms, simply for aesthetic purposes. The arms can even become varied weapon or extensions like tentacles, claws, knives, or even spider's legs, as well as firearms. In the case of firearms, ammunition is created from energy and fired with the same strength and density as that of the real thing. More complex and elaborate objects require physical analysis before she can make them. She even has the potential to create vehicles with her powers.

With the use of her arms she can also create exo-constructs around her, simulating a transformation into any animal.

Healing factor: Her body heals faster than normal, and she does not age. It is believed that she can not die from old age.

Enhanced senses: With her arms she can create eyes and mouths which she can use to see and taste.

Weaknesses: Unless she is protected by one of her constructs, her body is like any other human and can suffer physical damage.

Her greatest challenge is magical attacks. Some spells that can limit her powers or cancel them, but they are rare and only mages can perform them.

 It is not known what the limit in size of her creations may be, but the largest thing that she has been seen to make is an exo-armor suit that was 20 meters tall. Various sources however have claimed that she has achieved lengths of 1 km with her arms.