Character- Manchine

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: 
Global Defense Force #1 

Other picture: Manchine full body

Real Name: Scott Drumb
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Age: 21

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Scott Drumb was a normal college student that was dealing with the loss of his parents. That was until an alien ship crashed and an inquisitive Scott began looking for survivors in the inside. The radiation thrown out by the ship began to kill Scott and the only way to save him was for the computer to merge with him. Now between classes he helps out where ever he can trying to hide his secret that he is Manchine from his friends.


Power Armor: His armor enables him to absorb and manipulate most forms of energy.

Energy absorbtion: Absorb most forms of energy and can manipulate that energy into many different types of effects.

Energy manipulation: Can manipulate his absorbed energy and use it in various forms.

Energy blasts:  Can release his absorbed energy in to blasts.

Force fields: Can created fields of protection.

Gravity control: Can increase or decrease the force of gravity.

Physical resistance: His armor is denser than normal and can take severe punishment.

Super strength: He is capable of lifting weights in the 20 ton range but can increase it to 81 billion tons with his power.

Weaknesses: Can not absorb physical kinetic energy.

Paraphernalia: His armor is made from a substance that is found in the heart of a Black Hole. The translation is called Gravitanium.