Character- Marinette

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: 
Other appearances:
The Unconventionals #3


Art by Gilbert Monsanto 

Real Name: Marinette Auguste
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Age: 17
Country of Origin: Haiti
Occupation: Voodoo witch
Familial links: Sylvestre Auguste (father), Selvandieu Auguste (uncle)

Base of operations: Montreal, Canada

Ethical alliance: Evil


Sylvestre Auguste had not been present at his daughter's birth. He had been in Canada negotiating a lucrative deal for his newly established criminal organization, but when he returned to Haiti, two weeks later, and finally saw her, he was taken aback at the sight that greeted him. It was obvious from the child's appearance that something was wrong with her. She had no hair and her face was also quite odd. It was too small, had a shallow recessed jaw and a pinched nose. The child was also quite skeletal and her skin looked to be dried up, almost aged, all of which were signs that pointed to the fact that the child had Progeria.

Sylvestre was angry at first. He knew his child's appearance would eventually resemble that of an old woman, her skin would wrinkle before its time and the child would very likely die before her thirteenth birthday. And as he pondered his child's future he watched as she suckled on her mother's breast.

At first, it seemed that the child was merely drinking but the longer he watched, the healthier the child seemed to become. Her skin took on a glow and her face slowly took on a more normal look. The effect, however, were the opposite regarding her mother. She seemed to age and weaken from the feeding.

Being a practitioner of Voodoo magic, Sylvestre took it as an omen and named his daughter after Marinette Bras Cheche (Marinette of the Dry Arms), a famous Voodoo Mambo.

Marinette's mother did not live long, however. The constant feedings took a toll on her and before Marinette turned one year old, her mother died.

Sylvestre took her to Canada with him. Since Marinette had not yet been weaned, he hired many wet nurses to take over his daughter's feedings, and by the time his child turned five, several dozens has succumbed to her powers.

Although it has never been confirmed, it is very likely that Marinette is a Randomite whose metamorphosis may have happened while she was still in her mother's womb. 

Some time before her fifteenth birthday, Sylvestre's brother Selvandieu was involved in an almost fatal crash. Sylvestre used his voodoo magic to bring him back, but something went terribly wrong. Selvandieu's spirit was sent into Sylvestre's body and Sylvestre found himself in his brother's broken body. The pain was too much for him, and he apparently died. Now housed in his brother's body, Selvandieu took over his brother's criminal organization and claimed his daughter as his own.

Although Marinette has noticed a change in her father, she has not yet realized that it is her uncle who inhabits his body.

Taking the name, Papa Blanc, Selvandieu has moulded Marinette into a weapon he uses for his own criminal end. Thanks to Marinette, he has established an alliance with the criminal organization known as Random Might by having her become a member.


Life drain: Marinette has the ability to drain one's life energy and absorb it into herself.

Rejuvenation: As she absorbs her victim's life energy, she becomes young and healthy looking. The effects, however, only last a few hours.

Magic: Marinette is an adept of voodoo magic. Through it, she can cure sickness and call forth spirits.

Mind control: Some of the spells she can perform can bind her enemies and bend people to do her will.

Weaknesses: Marinette suffers from Progeria and must drain others' life energies to stay alive.

Paraphernalia: Marinette carries an assortment of items in her pouch, such as herbs, potions and dolls which she can readily convert into someone's likeness, and so, control them.

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