Character- Marionette

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Marionette full body


Real Name: Marionette
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red or white
5 foot 6 inches (1.70 m)
Age: Ageless
Country of Origin: N/A

Ethical alliance: Evil


No one knows who created her but experts say that the magic that gave rise to her is demonic in nature. Marionette enjoys to murder and hurt people and play sadistically with her victims.

It is believed that limiting her time in human form for no longer than 24 hrs was done intentionally. By feeling the pleasures of being human for a short time, it makes her want to seek it more and search for new victims.

It is not known if Marionette has any particular use for the souls she is gathering and storing in her crossbars, but these are available to be used by whoever controls her.

Marionette hasn't been seen since the late 1980's and it is rumored that she is sealed away. But recently, a trunk with runes was found in a museum. It is believed that it is her resting place. Whether that is the case or not will be revealed shortly. Someone is trying to open it...


Power accessory: The source of Marionette's life is in her crossbars. These are indestructible and are usually above her body but even if someone maneged to take them away, Marionette would still be linked to them as would the threads that hold her. The threads that bind her to the crossbar are not physical and cannot be cut. They would just seem to appear out of nowhere.

Possession: Marionette can release threads through her fingers (up to 10) with which she can control people. The more threads are connected to her victim, the more control she will have over them.

If a victim remains attached to her threads for more than one hour, the victim will be transformed into a puppet. Through this puppet, Marionette will have the ability to take human form for a maximum of 24 hrs
after which, Marionette will claim the soul of he victim and the victim will become a puppet for eternity or until its soul is released.

In human form, Marionette can feel and perceive the world as a normal person, but any damage she gets will also be felt by her victim. Killing her human body will make her feel great pain but Marionette will simply returns to her normal form.

The victim will generate its own crossbar control to which its wires are attached. The threads are no longer bound to Marionette but she is magically bound to the crossbar and she can control her victim from a distance. If someone takes over the bar, they take over the body of her victim.

If her victim has any special abilities, they will be transferred to their puppet body to can be used by Marionette. She will also have access to all the memories of her victim.

Contortionism: The individual parts of her body can be separated from her without her losing control over them. Her members can take positions impossible for a normal human.
Regeneration: Marionette's life lies in her crossbars, making her virtually indestructible, but her body is less so. If someone manages to break it, it can be rejoined. If it is completely destroyed, her essence simply returns to the crossbars. She can form a new body by having her threads seek out other puppets or people. She can also dispose of her current body if desired.

Natural weapons: Her arms and the front of her body have sharp barbs able to pierce any armor or skin that isn't magically protected.

Her fingers are sharp blades that can tear through skin and armor, unless they are protected by magic.

The threads of her fingers can be tensioned to such a point that she can cut and slice off the limbs of her victims.

Her mouth can open up much more than it appears, and her teeth are sharp knives with the same properties as her quills.

Empathy: She cannot feel anything through her body, but she can sense the presence of people close to her or the fact that someone or something touches her.

Floating: The threads that control Marionette can manifest physically so that she can "float" or move in the air as if hanging from a harness. She can also crawl through walls and ceilings.

Agility:  Being so light and so flexible gives her great agility and speed, making her quite slippery and fast.

Weaknesses: If someone manages to take possession of the crossbars, they can control her.

The threads created by her fingers are very strong but can be cut. Cutting them releases the victim from her control but only during the first 24 hrs.

There are magical methods to cut her spiritual threads that bind her crossbars to her body. Cutting them returns her essence to the crossbars.

Magic can harm her body until it becomes useless and force her to give him. It will take a week to get a new body.

Magical protection will prevent harm from her bards and claws.

While no method is known to destroy the crossbars, there are spells capable of trapping her inside the crossbar.