Character- The Mentalist

Created by: Linx Lynn

Other Picture: The Mentalist full body

Real Name: Yuki
Hair: Brown with pink streaks
Eyes: Pink 
Height: 5 foot 6 inches 
Age: 21

Ethical alliance: Neutral


The Mentalist belongs to a race of beings commonly called Pure Psionics because they are known for their superior mental powers. It is said that they are a pure form of all encompassing energy.

Pure Psionics can self heal, do damage, teleport around and much more. Yuri has one of the most powerful minds amonst her peers. As to her people's power, no one knows where these mental powers actually come from. They know their minds can tap the force, but its source is ellusive.

One interesting aspect about the Psionics is that they like to "blend in", so to speak. On Earth, they create endo/exo skeletons of human models based on their gender, which they then inhabit. The Mentalist started out as a small child and was known as the "Mysterious Mind Child". 


Mind blast: She can unleash an array of psionic attacks to damage her foes in a variety of ways. From physical harm to disorientation to the unleashing of psionic pets. She can also put others to sleep or instill fears, real and unreal in her opponents.

Energy blast: Aside from her mind blast, she can also send a wave of mixed energies called a psionic rift, powerful enough to wipe out an entire city. The only set back to using this power is that it takes great concentration and must be done without any movement rendering the Mentalist vulnerable to other attacks.

Mind control: By draining the mental energy from her enemies she can place them under her control.

Constructs: She can build strands of mental energy to wrap and hold others in place. Some Psionics travel by swinging themselves around on lines made up of pure psionic energy. They can also create shields of protection.

Healing:  Using the power of her trained mind she is able to speed up the healing of wounds in herself or others.

Summoning: They can summon pets called Nightmares, which they create psionically, to aid them in battle.

Transform: Through a technique called Tanking, they can assume the form of a large brute to inflict damage physically.

Power lift: Using her mental powers, she can lift objects as large as whole buildings.

Teleportation: The Psionics usually teleport, because it is faster in a restrained environment like a planet, but for long distances they can fly at the speed of light. 

Star travel: She can fly and possesses inter-stellar travel capabilities.

Invulnerability: She can resist physical and energy attacks of the highest magnitude.

Weaknesses:  Her people are susceptible to attacks from psionic devices or gadgetry that can inhibit psionic powers.

Paraphernalia: They carry a crystal amulet that allows them to have different forms to "blend in".