Character- Mime

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Jacoby Anderson
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Age: 26

Born in: Canada

Ethical alliance: Evil


Jacoby dreamed of one day becoming an actor on Broadway. He took acting courses and stayed in shape by doing various martial arts fighting courses.

After graduating, he left for New York City. He was determined to make it, even if the odds of making it were low. As it turned out, he didn't get many roles aside from bit pieces, and had to survive doing odd jobs. But when he was approached by the mob, he became a courier for them and the money was good. The rules were simple; don't ask any questions, don't get caught and don't lose the product.

One day he was given a package, which he assumed were drugs. He was told to drop it off at the Commonwealth building, and made his way there, unaware that he was being followed. A few blocks from his destination, however, he noticed cop cars heading in his direction.

Thinking he would be apprehended, he opened the package and swallowed the small bag just in case. It was not the first time he had done this. He was quite skilled at regurgitation, and it would be a simple task retrieving the bag once he was at his destination. 

He took off running towards the Commonwealth building, and as he got there, so did the police. He had been right, they were indeed after him. Luckily for him, he had made it inside the building and was relatively safe at the moment. The police were not allowed to enter the Commonwealth building without a warrant, and no judge in his right mind would grant one without proof that he was indeed carrying drugs. 

Once he delivered his package, he would be out of danger, however, when he asked to meet his client, he learned that he had left for the day. 

Jacoby found himself in a tight spot. He had strict instructions to deliver the package directly to his client, so could not give it to anyone else. He would need to hold on to it until the next day.

Unfortunately, he could not stay at the Commonwealth building until then. He knew that leaving the building would nullify his protection, and on the streets, he was fair game. Still, he reasoned that once he left the building, the cops would probably think he had delivered the package, and without it, they would have no reason to detain him.

Trying to look nonchalant, he left the building as though he had nothing to fear, but as it turned out, he had been wrong. An undercover cop had been waiting and tackled him as he exited the building. Instincts took over, and Jacoby used his martial arts training to free himself. He saw other police officers heading towards him, so he quickly re-entered the building. As the police tried to follow, they were stopped by the Commonwealth Security.

Jacoby's heart was racing. At first, he thought it was from the run and the excitement, but something inside him felt odd, and he passed out.

He woke up 3 weeks later. He was in a lab with tubes in his arms, and then he saw his hand, or rather, his lack of it. It was gone.

He freaked out and jumped up, but he was so groggy he fell back down.

A doctor in a lab coat came rushing in and had him restrained. Once he had calmed down, the doctor explained what had happened. It turned out that the bag he had ingested had burst in his stomach, probably when he had been tackled by the cop. The bag had contained an experimental substance designed to alter perception and make things appear translucent.

In Jacoby's case, however, there were some unexpected side effects. It turned out that the substance had enhanced Jacoby's psychic abilities.  Jacoby's hand wasn't translucent, it was invisible, and he had done it himself. When the doctor had tried to place an intravenous catheter on his hand, Jacoby, while still under sedation, had tried to wipe away the pain and instead had made his hand invisible.

He was also told that the experimental substance was their property, but now that the substance was a part of him, he too had become their property. He had no choice but to remain under their watchful eye, where he would be trained to use his newfound abilities.

As time went on, Jacoby got a better understanding of his abilities. He learned that the best way to use them was to mime them into existence, and as it turned out, one of his talent was mime theatrics or pantomime. That would prove to be his greatest asset, and soon after, he joined their supergroup, the Commonwealth, where he would defend their interest.


Constructs:  By performing mime theatrics or pantomime, he is able to bring his imaginary creations into existence. For instance, he can mime throwing a baseball, and the invisible baseball actually does hit its target. By miming throwing a rope up a building or towards another one, he can climb his imaginary rope or tightrope walk across it. 

Most commonly used constructs...
Offensive: Sledge hammer, baseball bat, baseball, javelin, spear, sword, rope (trip or confine someone)
Defensive: Wall, invisibility
Transportation: Bicycle, unicycle, skate board, rope (climbing/ascending)

Barrier: By doing the pretend wall mime, he can have people that run at him collide with the wall, or use it as a protective barrier.

Invisibility: Mime can turn himself, other people or objects invisible by pretending to erase them.

Martial arts: 
Along with his acting courses, Jacoby stayed in shape by doing various martial arts.

Paraphernalia: He carries a bag with him filled with small explosives and various weapons.

Limitations: His creations cannot be too complex. He can mime pointing a gun at someone, but cannot fire it. He can, however, mime a very long hammer and hit you from a fair distance.

There is also a limit to the force his creations can endure. His mimed wall will stop small bullets, but anything too powerful will shatter it, as strong impacts recoil back to his mind and can shatter his psychic bond.