Character- Mistress Menace
Mistress Menace

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: 
Short Story Battle Royale

Name: Melissa Davis
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 5 inches 
Age: 32

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


When her wealthy industrialists parents decided to change their company's interest from weapons development to "Green" energy, she had them killed.

Now in charge of the company, she keeps the appearance of a "Green" energy provider while secretly continuing the weapons developing business.

She was discovered by a super-heroine and after her capture, decided that the best way to keep her secrets intact was to provide a very powerful distraction.

She created the power armor and took the name of Mistress Menace. Using her own power armor as a template, she designs lesser versions to sell to other villains as well as some "less than reputable" heroes. Her reign of terror in Eastwater, Michigan, began. 


Technopathy: Able to control machines mentally. 

Power-Armor: Wears a super powered suit that provides flight, Force Blasts and enhances defence. 

Invulnerability: She can become invulnerable when her force field is called up but can only do so for short bursts as its drain on her energy is significant.

Energy blast:
 Uses powerful disruptive blasts which degrade and eat away at whatever they hit be it armor, doors or flesh.

Force fields: Armor can generate force fields of protection.

Super strength: Her armor enables her to lift  in excess of 25 tons.

Enhanced intelligence:
Mistress Menace is a genius who received 3 PhD's before turning 16. She used her amazing intelligence and her skill with technology to build a powered suit of armor that she uses to create terror and destruction.

Flight: Can reach speeds of Mach 2.

If taken by surprise an EMP can shut down her suit for up to ten minutes.

She is also dependant on technology. A lack of machines around her can make her as vulnerable as a normal woman

Limitations: The machine she targets must be within a mile radius of her for full control.

Paraphernalia: Wears a visor that connects to a database of information gathering computers. The connection gives her near instant access to her adversary's weaknesses, who they are, where they live and all other sorts of goodies.

Also carries an assortment of gadgets developed by Davis Industries