Character- Mistress of Ceremonies
Mistress of Ceremonies

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

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Real Name: Svetlana Cinna
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 4 inches (1.65 m)
Age: 30
Country of Origin: Romania

Ethical alliance: Evil

Sexual preference: Bi-sexual


Svetlana was born in Bucharest, Romania. She was the daughter of a magician`s assistant and she never knew her father, but believed he was a magician who had worked with her mother. Svetlana grew up in the circus surrounded by an atmosphere of showmanship and trickery. She learned many of the tricks form the differents magicians who worked with her mother, and she quicly learned the art of illusion and sleight of hand.

She attended school like any normal child until the age of ten when her mother married a famous wizard and joined his circus which travelled throughout the country. The magician was very good to her mother, but not so kind to Sveltana. She was insulted, beaten and mistreated in every way possible, but Svetlana dared not expose him because her mother seemed happy with him.

Svetlana befriended a circus trainer who began teaching her tricks on how to tame animals. He would explain their behavior and make many references to the resemblance they had with the men. Svetlana was very interested in this new knowledge and began to live with peaceful animals like horses, or chimpanzees, even beasts like lions and tigers, of which the latter were her favorites.

She found that she had an uncanny aptitude for these taming skills but believed she could do better. Whenever she could, she visited the library to the point that she became a bookworm. Even without going to school, her intelligence was on a higher level than children her age. Svetlana began to master the arts of circus magic, acrobatics and controlling the beasts.

She discovered a particular twisted pleasure from the power it gave her. But there was one beast she had yet to tame. While studying books on human behavior and knowledge to subdue animals, the man who had tormented her was very present in her mind. Through Pavlovian stimulus-response, she managed to take a measure of control over him, but she realized that in order to tame a person, you had to reduce it to the status of an animal, so she did just that. 

After working on him for 6 months, she turned him into a virtual slave.

When she reach 18, Svetlana convinced her mother to enroll her in college where she specialized in psychiatry. Svetlana became friends with Elena, a young genius student of genetics, who shared her apartment but Elena's submissive personality turned her quickly into Svetlana's servant. With her, Svetlana took a lot more care because she wanted her personality intact and functional.

Svetlana later met James, a big, burly, long haired, coarsed faced hunk that anyone would define as a sexy man, but he had a secret. She found out he was a werewolf.

Svetlana had heard rumors that a man dressed as a wolf was attacking criminals, but she had not given the stories much weight, until she actually saw him. "He must be mine!" was all she could think. The next day, she confronted James and was surprised to see that he was ashamed of his other self but he was pleased when he learned that Svetlana, the girl of his dreams, accepted his wolf form without fear.

Through subtle suggestions and emotional manipulation, she began mastering him. Now that Svetlana knew beings like werewolves were real, she had only one response. She wanted more of them.

James became her personal pet and with the help of a couple unfortunate rich men tuned investors, her circus would soon be a reality. With James's help, Svetlana managed to capture some men-beasts and women-beasts. With them, the main attractions of her private circus was ready to begin and people were willing to pay.

She still had some concern about being surrounded by dangerous creatures. She had confidence in her methods but wanted to be able to defend herself better, should anything go wrong.

It was then she heard of a snake-girl, whose claws and fangs were loaded with a powerful poison. She snatched the lives of many of Svetlana's pets who had been sent to catch her but when Svetlana caught her,instead of training her, she  subjected her to painful research. With Elena still under her control, she commissioned her to use her wealth of knowledge in genetics to reveal all of the snake girl's secrets.

Her main goal was to obtain the same claw skills the snake girl had. It was a delicate and dangerous procedure and the snake girl did not survive but Svetlana got what she wanted and a little more. As a side effect of the procedure, Svetlana's senses and animal instincts were increased. She had hoped her strength would have increased as well but instead, she received heightened agility and dexterity.

Svetlana was now deadlier than ever. Only those who have dared cross her path know the truth; that behind that porcelain doll face and kind personality, hides a depraved, sadistic and dominant beast.


heightened senses: Her vision, smell and hearing have been enhanced beyond what is the human norm.

Enhanced vitals: Her reflexes, stamina and endurance have been enhanced.
Her agility enable her to move quickly to strike and evade her opponents.

Animal attributes: Her nails are retractable claws that can handle different toxins. One paralyzes the body of its victim for an hour. Another contains a powerful toxin that can kill her victim within 24 hours. Another claw releases an inhibitory neurotoxin which affects the mind of the victim inhibiting their mental defenses making them very susceptible to manipulation. Another can cause a pleasurable effect on its victim and, at times, can function as an aphrodisiac. She can also inject an antidote which nullifies any of her toxins and can sometimes have regenerative effects.

Mind Control: With the use of her toxic claws and her great
 understanding and study of human and animal behavior, she has taught herselt how to break anyone's mind, and with time, she can break the strongest of wills and make them do what she want. 

Weaknesses: Her body is that of a normal person, and as such, has no special resistances.

Paraphernalia: She likes to use a strong whip. Her costume has many secret pokets in which she carries smoke bombs, small knives and many magician gadgets. She has a train, planes, boats and trucks to travel across the world but she also likes to travel by riding her pets like a jaguar girls and an eagle guy.