Character- Monolith

Created by: Michael McAfee 

Other picture: Monolith full body 

Name: Howard Rock
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 6 foot r inches 
Age: 43
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Howard Rock was born in Detroit, Michigan. He never knew his father and his mother never told him who the man was. His mother had two other children after him, making it a total of ten children, before she died of an overdose. Howard was three at the time.

He and his siblings were sent to an orphanage where they lived for many years. Fostering an entire family of ten was difficult, and the fact that they were black, few families would take them.

At the age of five, Howard suddenly displayed an inordinate craving. He became ravenous for books, and information. The social workers at the orphanage gave him book after book, and Howard kept asking for more. Astonished that he could read at such and early age, they quizzed him on his reading. The answers he gave them were accurate. Maggie Thomas, one of the social workers, realized that the boy was probably a mutant.

After the boy managed to exhaust the school's library, Maggie brought him armloads of books from the city library. She wanted him to make the most of his gift, because unknown to all, Maggie too was a mutant. Her empathic abilities allowed her to feel what people felt, and when Howard read, she could feel the glee that filled his mind.

Through the efforts of Maggie and her co-workers, they managed to have him tested for his IQ and the best estimate they got was about 230. However, the tests were inconclusive because Howard seemed to be able to alter the results. Still, they continued to test him and determined he was super intelligent and able to apply the information he learned.

Howard was given more tests over the next two years and by the age of seven he graduated High School and was placed in college level courses.

Fearing he would not learn to socialize with others if he was cut off from his siblings, Maggie offered to be the Howard's foster parent for the time he was in school and kept his brothers and sisters together.

Within the next four years, Howard had earned his Masters Degree in Biochemistry. He remained in school, receiving his degrees in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and genetics. At the age of 16, he finished school and began working for John Hopkins University as a researcher on the mutant genetic code.

With his new position, he purchased a new home for his family. He also began paying for his brothers' and sisters' schooling, not wanting any of them to attend public schools. He knew private schools provided a better atmosphere for learning and he could afford it.

He managed to isolate the genetic code for mutation in humans. From his studies, he learned that the change was caused by environmental needs, and the people who had the gene were to be the next generation of humans. These people were superior to normal humans, so he began to develop the idea that Homo-Superior should rule the world and protect man as it developed into its next stage.

Howard left John Hopkins to begin his own corporation. He opened Black Tower Enterprises where he developed weapons designs for government contracts.

He became was one of the richest men in the world. His super intellect had earned him a Nobel Prize, and numerous accolades from his peers but on the night, he received the Nobel Prize, an assassin shot him.

The bullet had missed his heart by inches, and he was taken to the emergency room. He survived, but the stress caused his second mutant power to activate.

The bed he was lying in collapsed and he fell though five floors before he finally stopped its fall. To his surprise, he was unhurt and he realized that he could now control matter's density.

Six months after the incident, a super villain calling himself Monolith appeared. Howard Rock had been changed by the attack on his life. The gunshot had been the push he had needed to take over the world.


Enhanced intelligence: Monolith's powers are his super intelligence, his ability to invent, and his scientific skills. He can make and build almost anything he needs in his conquest to take over the Earth.

Density control: He also has the power to control density. He has the ability to increase his mass causing him to weigh over six tons, and increase his muscle density giving him super strength.

Super jump: He can jump great distances with his powerful legs.

Force fields: His armor can generate a force field that deflects most attacks.

Super strength: He has learned to do strength feats like digging tunnels, hitting the ground with a super blow, and super punches.

Weaknesses: His ego.

 Wears an armor with heads up display that feeds him internet news and data as he needs it.