Character- Monsor

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 
               Monsor full body

First appearance:
 IronGate Universe #5


A.K.A.: The Living Mountain
Real Name: Ashraga Ashram
Hair: Unapplicable
Eyes: Black
Height: Undetermined but around 1000+feet
Age: Unknown but in the millions
Country of origin: White Universe (non-corporeal) / Pangea (corporeal)

Ethical alliance: Evil


Monsor's life force comes from a place called the White Universe, the home of the gods. After the Age of Illumination, the gods descended to Earth to survey the newly formed landmass that had risen from the sea and had named the land, Pangea. Seeing great potential in this new world, the gods did what they had done for eons. They gave their strength to the land, made it rich, fertile and brought forth animals and plants to populate it. Once their task ended, the gods returned to the White Universe, but one of them did not. His name was Ashraga Ashram.

Ashraga Ashram had never felt as the other gods did. He did not share their vision of giving his power to serve others. Power, he felt, should be used to  rule and to subjugate. He was a god and gods needed to be worshipped. And so, he had stayed behind and had taken a physical form with which he could look upon his world, that of a large mountain. Now, being the only god around, he reigned over all. He ruled the land, the plants and the animals. He had become Monsor, the God to all.

Yet although he was a god, he soon learned the reason why the other gods had left. Far from the White Universe, his power was slowly diminishing, and after some time, Monsor fell asleep. As he slept, his power slowly returned, but the process took time. One million years would pass until he woke once more.

Monsor woke to a new world. Life was abundant and Monsor was pleased. He used his power to shape the land as he saw fit. Animals ran and cowered in their shelter as he trampled across the landscape. Nothing stood in his path. His power was feared by all. But after some time, the weakness returned and Monsor needed to sleep. He did not mind. He knew he would rise again. 

The cycle repeated itself over and over until one awakening, Monsor saw that a new creature had risen during his slumber. The two legged mammals were different from the rest. Most did run for cover but many did not. These new creatures tried to fight Monsor. When Monsor destroyed their shelters, these did not run. They waited for his departure and then rebuilt their homes. Monsor was angered by their effrontery and returned with a vengeance. In time, the two legged creatures learned of the futility of their efforts and in order to appease their mighty destructor, they began to worship him.

Finally, Monsor saw the merit of real worship. He wallowed in the pleasure that his power gave him. He enjoyed seeing his servants prostrate before him. But he did not care for them. Often he would simply crush them beneath his feet simply for the pleasure of it and surprisingly, these acts intensified the worship he received from his followers. Alas, Monsor would have to sleep once more, but this time, he would awaken to a very different world.

While he had been sleeping, the two legged mammals had become masters of the world. They had spread out to every corner of the planet and had built huge cities on virtually every land mass. They had conquered the sky and the seas, something that Monsor had never been able to do. And so, Monsor rose and showed them his power.

Monsor learned that he two legged mammals were called humans, but these humans were unlike any creatures he had seen before. These refused to bow down to their god. They fought him with great machines of war. They tore at Monsor with their weapons. They sent flying machines that rained down exploding artillery. Monsor even saw humans flying and wielding energies. These so called heroes joined the normal humans in their struggle, but they would soon come to learn that Monsor was not easily defeated. 

Monsor's power was at peak and would remain so for a very long time. So for the moment, Monsor would study these new humans and in time, would show them the folly of confronting a god. The outcome was inevitable. The humans had only two choices before them; worship their god or utter destruction.


Geokinesis: In addition to using the land mass of his own body, Monsor can also manipulate the Earth around him.

Strength: Monsor can move anything in his path.

Physical/energy resistance: Monsor has survived the greatest of cataclysms and although some forces can slow him down for a time, none have ever stopped him.

Speed: For his size, Monsor is quite fast. He can walk and travel on land at moderate speed but can also plough at speeds of 500 mph, nearing those of a tsunami.

Regeneration: Monsor's body was fashioned from the landscape of the world and so he can regenerate his body if it is destroyed.

Immortality: Monsor is a god and is immortal. 

Weaknesses: His greatest challenges are torrential downpours and large bodies of water.