Character- MoonShadow

Created by: Brian Germain                               
First comic book appearance:

Other appearance: 
War of the Independants #3

Real Name: Aidan McBride
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown/white as MoonShadow
Height: 5 foot 8 inches/6foot 3 inches

Age: Aidan 30 / MoonShadow 10000
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


In 1992 a museum's night custodian named Aidan McBride was outside the museum when burglars rushed out of it. As one of the perpetrators tripped over him, he unwittingly dropped one of his stolen artifact and it landed in Aidan's bag. 

Unknown to Aidan, the object was an ancient relic called the Moonstone. Aidan reflected on what to do about the object, but knowing it was valuable, he decided that he would return it the next day. But as he slept that night. He had a strange dream. Or so he thought.

When he woke up, he found that the Moonstone was not where he had left it. It was embedded in his chest. From their connection, Aidan learned that the essence of the god Tezcatlipocah the Toltec, the god of the moon and night sky, had been living inside the Moonstone. It had laid dormant inside the stone for millenia waiting for the proper vessel with whom it would share its power. And now, it had found it.

Aidan looked in the mirror and saw that he had been transformed. He was now a servant of the moon god. He had become his shadow. He had become MoonShadow.


Power accesory: The moonstone bestows upon its possessor the essence of the god of the moon and the night sky. Doing so endows him with supernatural abilities.

Transform: The moonstone allows him to take the form of MoonShadow. When he does, his looks change as well as his physical stature.

Super strength: 
MoonShadow is super strong and very agile. He can lift approximately ten tons.

Flight: MoonShadow can fly at speeds approximating 120 mph.

Energy blast: MoonShadow can fire beams of kinetic flame from his eyes, hands, and from the Moonstone embedded in his chest. These beams of energy cause concussive force damage and burning damage though they feel freezing cold to the touch. 

Intangibility/invisibility: While he is MoonShadow, Aidan can assume Shadow form making him essentially invulnerable. 
Using his shadow-walking ability allows MoonShadow to enter his own shadow thus rendering him impervious to attacks from the mortal realm. 

Enhanced vision: He has the ability to see through shadowy areas as though he were using x-ray vision.

Teleportation: Beyond just seeing through those shadowy areas, MoonShadow can also walk through those shadows as if he could pass through the wall like a ghost. Upon entering the shadow, he enters something called the plane of shadow where he is able to use it to travel at the speed of thought and come out from a different area of shadow than the one he entered. 

Weaknesses: Light. Were he to find himself in a highly lit environment, he wouldn't be able to travel through shadows or become shadow form. He could walk or run or perhaps even fly but he'd be severely weakened much like he is weakened in daylight.