Character- Mourning Star
Mourning Star

Created by: Rodney Lockett 

Other pictures:

Art by Joe de Santos

First appearance: 
Iron Gate Universe #7  

Real Name: Chad Spahr Jr
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'4"
Age: 18 but spirit is hundreds of years old

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil

Chad Spahr Jr. was a normal but mischievous kid. During his senior year, on a field trip to the museum, his life changed forever.

He was the star athlete at his school and was admired by many but he always needed to be the center of attention. As he tried to be cool and impress his fellow students, he started goofing around.

When he noticed a sign announcing a new exhibit, he peeked behind the curtain and saw that it was a suit of black armor. He hopped the rope that was keeping people from accessing it and proceeded to put on the helmet but as he did, something went terribly wrong.

The teacher saw him and told him to get down from the display but Chad's eyes were blank. Chad was no longer in control of his body, it had been taken over by the spirit of the knight who had owned the armor, The Black Knight. Chad was helpless but he was able to see through the eyes of the knight as the knight accessed his memories of what had transpired since his death.

The Black Knight remembered being summoned by Sir Calogrenant (Cynon ap Clydno in Welsh mythology) through the use of black magic. Calogrenant was on a quest to access magical power to rule the kingdom, but in order to do so, he had to summon the Black Knight and defeat him in combat. Unfortunately, the Black Knight was too powerful and killed him. His tasked accomplished, the Black Knight disappeared.

Some time later, another knight, Ywain (Owain mab Urien), attempted to complete the quest Calogrenant had failed to accomplish. He fought the Black Knight and defeated him and Ywain obtained the power he had sought. The Black Knight was sent to the realm of the dead once again.

But this day, the Black Knight had not been summoned. He had freed himself when Chad had placed the helmet on his head. Chad had opened the door and allowed the Black Knight to escape. And now, having complete control of Chad’s body and mind, the Black Knight put on the rest of his armor, grabbed his mace and flew away, to the dismay of Chad's teacher and fellow students.

The Black Knight looked at the new world around him and found it to be one of wonder but also eerily unfamiliar. This world is so very strange, he thought. Where will I go now that I am free? Must I stay hidden to avoid being summoned by my enemies? Those who know of my true power will not rest if they know I have returned.

"Then hide in plain sight," a voice inside him said. It was Chad.

"So, it would seem that I have not totally consumed you. Your will must be strong to resist me so."

"I don't want to fight you," Chad replied. "And I can feel that fighting me makes you weak. Maybe we can stop fighting one another and instead fight together."

"What do you propose?" The Black Knight asked.

"You want to hide from your enemies then change your name. Advertising that you are the Black Knight will surely attract them. Call yourself something else...I don't know...How about...Mourning Star?  And if you let me share your power, I will help you navigate this new world."

"You are intriguing, I must say, but you are asking for a lot, yet giving little in return." The Black Knight said.

"I may be just a kid, but I'm not stupid. I just saw your whole life story and I think I found a solution to your problem. You want to be free but as long as there are artifacts than can be used for the ritual of "The Quest for Magical Rule", you are at the mercy of those who will try to complete it. Then why not make it YOUR quest to destroy every artifact that pertains to this ritual?"

"I will help you in that quest. Together we will find and destroy the objects that bind you and in exchange you will share your power with me."

"And what will you do with that power?"

"Hey, I'll think of something."


Magic: Mourning Star was created through black magic and his powers come through that same source.

Super strength: Mourning Star has super strength and can lift around 70 tons.

Flight: He can fly and achieve speeds of multiple Mach.

Invulnerability: His skin has partial invulnerability but with his armor he is basically invulnerable.

Power accessory: He wears incredibly strong armor and carries a mace both seemingly indestructible. The mace seems enchanted because it returns to him if thrown.

Weaknesses: Possibly magic