Character- Mr Happy
Mr Happy

Created by: Jeff Bracey

Other picture: Mr Happy full body 

Appearances: Unfinished Origin 
                    Comic 1
                    Comic 2
                    Comic 3

                    Comic 4
                    Comic 5
                    Comic 6
                    Comic 7 


Real Name: Jeff Bracey
Hair: Blond 
Eyes: Blue
 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 26
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


For full unabridged story

Jeff Bracey was a struggling comic artist who longed to live in a world of super heroes. He watched as the world just seemed to become worse and worse each year, and when his father was murdered, he sunk into a deep depression.

That same night he had an incredible dream, a luminous entity in the dreamscape offered to give Jeff his hearts desire; to become a superhero. Jeff readily accepted and became his own comic creation the hero made from imagination, Mr Happy. The first hero of the modern age.

As a result of these new found powers, Mr Happy's body is no longer composed of flesh and blood but of a solid waveform of energy, that closely resembles delta waves, the same wavelengths registered in the brain during deep dreaming.


Shape changing: Mr Happy is a physical manifestation of pure imagination. He is no longer a biological entity but solidified dream stuff/mental energy. Mr Happy's physical substance is highly malleable allowing him to change shape, color, size, mass or dimension. As such, Mr Happy has absolute control of his form down to the molecular level.

Replication: Mr Happy's consciousness is contained in the smallest particles of himself allowing him to split his body into seperate parts and even duplicate himself. Each part of himself is mentally connected to the others and can function independantly.

Cross-dimensional travel: Mr Happy can also enter dreams and travel through the dreamscape.

Super strength: Mr Happy's strength level is variable depending on his size. At human proportions he can lift around 10 tons but it can increase to 60 tons at his 60 foot size.

Empathy: He has the ability to emit a field of happiness within his vicinity making people feel good and can soothe negative emotions.

Physical resistance: Mr Happy is nearly immune to physical assaults with objects either passing through or even bouncing off his form, although extreme amounts of force can scatter him body over a large area slowing down his reformation.

Self sustaining: Because his body is no longer composed of conventional matter, Mr. Happy doesn't need to eat, drink or breathe. However, he still needs to sleep.

Weaknesses: Mr Happy is very difficult to hurt physically but he is not invulnerable. Anything that can destroy his mass is effective, usually energy attacks of all sorts. Mental and magical attacks work as they would against any normal person. Mr Happy is powered by dream, he has to have regular sleep which allows him to dream. Loss of sleep will cause his powers to diminish day by day and may result in his death.

Curiosities: Mr Happy's costume is in fact a part of him and his cape, being an extension of him, can be used like any other limb.