Character- Nebula

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: Nebula full body

First appearance: Victory #1

Real Name: Ne Ula 1213
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Cyan
 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 142
Born in: Venusia

Ethical alliance: Good


Growing up on the planet Venusia, Ne Ula 1213 always wondered about life out in space, but after having been experimented on by an alien race called the Wratihs, her father, King Arqui, forbade space travel and socializing with aliens.

One day, when Ne was exploring the caves of Raim, she discovered an abandonned ship. Curiosity got the best of her and she went inside. To her surprise, the ship was still funtional, so she kept her discovery to herself and for the next several months, visited libraries and studied the mechanics of spaceships. Through her research, she also found the coordinates of a planet called Earth.

One night, Ne left her home and, with supplies in hand, boarded her ship,and set out to explore the cosmos. She activated the spaceship and it was in space in seconds, unfortunately, Ne had no recollection of the trip and awoke in a hospital on earth in 1930, where she met a man who told her to lie about her home.

Confused about how this Earthling would know anything about her, he told her he, too was an alien from a planet called Ameriak but had taken residence on Earth and was going by the name, Calvin Elliot, also known as AmericanMan.

The two became fast friends and AmericanMan took her under his wing to become a crime fighter like him. Lying to the public about being a Wisconsin native named Amanda blue, Ne explained her appearance by stating that she had been a test subject for a mad scientist who had died in a lab accident. She eventually changed her name when her crime fighting carreer began and became Nebula.


Force fields: Nebula can project force fields around her body and others. She can also use them as offensive weapons.

Extended lifespan: She is virtually immortal but she can still die if she is shot in the head, incinerated, or decapitated. 

RegenerationShe has the ability to regenerate major injuries but her regeneration is limited. She can regrow fingers and other small appendages, but not limbs or her head. 

Flight: She can fly at speeds of around 50 mph.