Character- Nucleate 

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: Nucleate

Real Name: Quadian
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Age: 56

Born on:  Europa (moon of Jupiter)

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Quadian was born on Jupiter's moon, Europa. Earth scientists have long theorized that Europa has a 100-Kilometer-deep ocean beneath its icy 30 km crust, and as it turns out, they were right. In fact, this is where the Atlanteans originally came from. Hundreds of years ago, they travelled to Earth to try to colonize the planet. They built the great city of Atlantis, but eventually lost contact with their home world when Atlantis sank into the ocean.

A few years ago, a team from Europa was sent to Earth to learn what had happened to their lost colony. To their surprise, they discovered that Earth was populated with land dwellers who reigned over the whole planet. These land dwellers had formidable defenses and tried to stop the advance of the expedition. Still, the Europans pushed on and dove beneath the watery expanse.

As the Europan ships approached the Atlantean borders, they were attacked by the Seaguard, but after a quick skirmish the Atlanteans realized that these invaders were not land dwellers and brought them to their King.

The Europans and the Atlanteans recognized that they were related and decided to share their technology to devise a plan to take over the Earth.

When the Europan expedition set out to leave, two soldiers remained behind to help with the Atlantean defenses. Quadian was one of those soldiers.


Magic: Quadian has studied the magical books of his people, and his family has been the guardians and users of these books for centuries. These teach the conjurer how to cast a vast array of spells.

Summoning: He can cast spells to summon creatures and items only found on Europa.

Natural weapons: Quadian has razor-sharp teeth and claws that he can and will use in a fight.

Teleportation: Quadian usually travels by way of teleportation.

Weaknesses: Quadian can cast a spell that allows him, and other water breathers, to breathe air, but that spell only last 8 hours.