Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Oceania full body

Real Name: Lenora
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Green 
Height: 5 foot 5 inches 
Age: 23
Born in: Turkey

Ethical alliance: Good


Lenora was born in Turkey. She grew up with no knowledge of her father and her mother had never spoken of him. Aside from that, Lenora's childhood was a normal one. At the age of 10, she and her mother moved to California.

Lenora was a shy girl but still managed to be fairly popular girl and during her time in high school, she took to athletics and excelled at virtually all that she tried. She even outperformed the senior top athletes in her school, both in strength and endurance, so after graduating from high school, Lenora decided that, once in college, she would put her skills to good use and apply for a sports scholarship.

Lenora told her mother of her decision but to her surprise, her mother out-right forbade her to do so.

At first, Lenora did not understand why her mother would say such a thing. If she had a gift, why could she not use it? But her mother was adamant about it. She claimed that the gift inside her was not fully developed yet, and that in time, it would surpass what normal people could do and worse, it would frighten them.

Seeing the confusion in her daughter's eyes, she eventually told her the truth about her father. She explained that he was the reason why she excelled at sports. She said that her strength and endurance also came from him, but that these gifts were not to be used in competitions because it would not be fair for the other athletes. Her father, she had said, was none other than the god, Poseidon.

Lenora was in disbelief. This couldn't be. Poseidon was a mere myth, wasn't he?

Then, her mother spoke of how she had met the sea god and how she had fallen in love with him, and he too had loved her. But his world was not for her, so he had returned her with a gift in her loins.

"You are that gift, Lenora, and I am sure that in time, your father will come for you."

Lenora didn't know what to make of what she had heard but her mother's words resonated with an undeniable truth.

Her mother caressed her hair and asked her. "Tell me, how many children are born with blue hair? They are the color of your father's."

Her mother then went to her room and took out an item from under her bed. She handed it to Lenora. "Your father wanted you to have this. Now that you know the truth, you should have it."

Lenora unwrapped the package and inside was a strange double bladed spear. When she took it, she could feel the power inside her respond to its touch. She could sense the ocean, she could feel the waves swelling above it. There was no denying it. She was a part of it.

Lenora's abilities were first put to the test, when their home town was attacked by a 9 foot fire golem named Magnus. Lenora attempted to protect her mother and everyone else, so she fought the monster and she fought well but her inexperience proved to be her downfall and she was knocked out. When she regained consciousness, the entire town was destroyed and her mother was missing. Lenora was sobbing. She had lost her mother, she had lost her town. The power inside her had not been enough.

It was then that she got a visit from a stranger claiming to be from Atlantis. He said that he could sense her power but that she had the potential for a whole lot more. If she wanted to find her mother, she would need to become more powerful and he could teach her what she was lacking. 

Lenora took up his offer and trained for 3 years, mastering her skills and her ability to manipulate water. When she returned to her world, she took the name Oceania and started a career as a superheroine.


Hydrokinesis: Being the daughter of Poseidon, Oceania inherited the ability to manipulate water. She can channel blast of water several times more powerful than a water hose and, at full power, can destroy buildings with ease. If need be, Oceania can create a tidal wave that can level an entire city.

Super strength:
 Oceania is capable of lifting 500 tons at best.

Enhanced reflexes:  Oceania has very good reflexes and she is easily capable of dodging bullets and energy blasts.

Barrier: For defense, Oceania can also use her water abilities to create a bubble around her body to protect herself from harm. Her bubble is capable of stopping molten lava for five minutes as well as most projectiles like rapid gun fire. She can also create a bubble for her allies too.

Constructs: Oceania can use her control of water to form various objects. She has created tridents made out of pure water that are as deadly at the real thing.

Healing: She can heal herself when she is in contact with water and she can also heal others.

Underwater breathing: Oceania can breathe under water through osmosis. Her skin absorbs the oxygen in the water.

Weaknesses:  Despite her power, Oceania is slightly absent minded and can easily fall for even the simplest tricks, which villains can take advantage of.

She relies on water for her power. When she is in an arid land, her power is reduced considerably and she also doesn't fair very well against extreme heat.

Oceania is more vulnerable to penetrating attacks like needles and blades and her body does not react well to drugs.

She also tends to hold back her powers as she is afraid to take a life.

Paraphernalia: Oceania wields a double bladed spear capable of firing lightning.