Character- Omega

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Omega full body

Real Name: Megan Carter
Hair: Black and white
Eyes: Brown/green
Height: 5 foot 9 inches (1.80 m)
Age: 30
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil

Sexual preference: Straight


She was a secretary at Smith Corp., a simple, normal woman, a little nerdy, shy and living with cats.

Her life changed when she accidentally discovered her boss's dark secret.
Mr Smith was an evil man. He not only was the leader of the criminal organization called The Firm, he is also an expert alchemist. But even that is not enough for him. What he really wants to achieve is control of magic.

Having found himself exposed, Mr Smith restrained her and decided to use her in one of his experiments. He was testing a method of infusing magical energy into a person but rather than test it on himself, he used subjects.

As he began his experiment, Megan screamed in pain and something he had not anticipated happened. The magical energy she was absorbing inexplicably recoiled before Mr Smith could com. Caught in the mix, Mr Smith felt his own life energy getting drained as a result but released his hold on his subject moments before it was too late.

He managed to escape his death, but Megan had not. She had apparently died from the experience. Mr Smith sent his cronies to bury her in the desert.

After they had dug out a shallow grave, the men picked up her body, ready to throw her inside it. They never got the chance.  Megan awoke and drained the life energy of each and everyone of them.

As she lay under the burning, scorching, life giving energy of the sun, she contemplated her revenge.

She was not the quiet and reserved person she had once been. Her power had changed her in more ways than one. Her mind, too,had been affected. Turning her into a chaotic being searching for destruction and power-obsessed.


Energy absorption: Her body absorbs any energy, simply receiving sunlight gives more energy to her body. She can also absorb energy directly from people but only when she touches them with her hands or lips. 

Flight: She can fly and and can reach speeds of multiple mach, though it is possible that with enough energy she could exceed those.

Super strength: Her strength is proportional to the energy she has stored. The more energy she absorbs, the stronger she becomes.

Physical resistance: As her power increases, so does her resistance to attacks, rendering her virtually indestructible.

Self sustaining: Her body is sustained by the energy absorbed so she requires no food, water, sleep or the need to breathe. The energy absorbed from the sun is more than enough for her daily sustainment. Still, although she doesn't need to eat, sleep or drink, doing so still replenishes her energy stores as does sleeping.

Regeneration/Healing factor: Using her stored energy, she can heal from virtually any wounds.

Weaknesses: She can absorb as much energy as she wishes, but her power is not infinite. The absorbed energy is quickly expended as she uses it. The simple act of living spends her energy.

If for some reason, she cannot have access to a power source, she would die like anyone else.

Her strength, endurance and speed will always depend on how much energy she has. As she spends her energy, her strength decreases.

For some reason, cold temperatures tend to reduce her absorbing efficiency. As temperatures drop, the molecules of her body slow down and it has an impact on her abilities.

Her power has its roots in magic but dark magics and dark energies are extremely harmful to her and act like a poison.

Curiosities: Her body and eyes display green marking when she has absorbed large quantities of energy or when she uses special abilities. In a state of relaxation or weakness these are not visible.