Character- Orion

Created by: Demetrius Marble 

Other picture: 
Orion Kaitos Braking the Limits

Real Name: Orion Kaitos (A.K.A. Black Platinum)
Hair: Black
 Light brown
 5 feet 8 inch
Nationality: Messian (Extraterrestrial specie from the planet Heka)

Ethical alliance: Good


Due to the destruction of their planet Heka, Messians are not well known throughout the galaxy. This lack of knowledge has brought Orion to spend most of his life seeking and learning what he can about his people and what has happened to their planet.

His most notable exploit was that of saving a planet from invading forces. He was rewarded with a powerful ship called, Black Platinum, which, incidentally, became one of the names the Galaxy has given him.

He is a man of action who always wanted to be a hero to protect those he loved. He is quick to jump into problems in order to fix them as soon as possible. He is a quick thinker and is almost never surprised by his enemies.


Adaptation: His power works as a defense mechanism depending on the threat it faces. It will continue to grow until it is strong enough to defend against it. 

Energy absorption: Orion can absorb all forms of energy. 

Energy resistance: Invulnerable to energy attacks.

Elemental blast: Can release vasts amounts of energy in the form of wind and sound wave attacks of various intensity. His signature attacks of this type are; Genesis Cyclone, Cosmic Wave and Galactic Tornado.

Energy blast: Colossus Mode allows him to release a nonstop flow of both physical and energy attacks.

Transform: When the energy he has absorbed becomes overwhelming, his body unleashes a transformation limit break which he calls, Kaitos' Legacy. This temporarily transforms him into an astral being of immense power. It is unclear how powerful he can be but on average it can destroy cities and in this form, can attain light speed.

Super strength: 2 tons of lift.

Space travel: He can fly and possesses inter-planetary travel capabilities.

Weaknesses: Quickly overpower him by using non-energy based attacks (physical attacks) because the longer the battle lasts, the stronger be becomes. That is key to defeating Orion, and he is aware of this weakness and will be ready for you so try to leave no openings.

Limitations: Rarely uses Kaitos's Legacy due to how much energy is needed to unleash this power.