Character- Ouraeus 

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Abasi Ouraeus
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Age: 326

Born in: Egypt

Ethical alliance: Evil


Abasi is the only son of the ancient Egyptian god Mehen. His father protected Ra for centuries, and occasionally, he was allowed the pleasure of flesh. It was during one of these rare times that Abasi came to be.

Once Ra became aware of this child, he sent Mehen to retrieve him. Other Gods might let mortals raise their young gods, but not Egyptian Gods. Abasi was taken to Tibres where all young gods are sent to learn the extent of their powers.

It was years later, that he was reunited with his father and joined him in his mission as a protector of Ra. As a reward, his father gave him the Pendant of Mehen, as well as a staff, to help him on his journey. 
Abasi was later assigned to Hell, where he is currently a member of the Heretics.


Power accessory: He has the Pendant of Mehen and a matching staff. With the pendant,
he can transform into any snake and control all snakes. By tapping the ground, his staff allows him to tunnel through the ground at high speed. 

Transform: The pendant allows him to transform into any type of snake.

Animal control: His amulet also enables him to control snakes.

Super strength: As a demigod, he has the strength to lift around 6 tons.

Healing factor: His metabolism helps him heal quickly.

Extended lifespan: As a demigod, his life expectancy is in the hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.

Migration: Ouraeus can use his staff to travel through the ground and emerge anywhere in the world.

Weaknesses: His reptilian blood does not do well in the cold.