Character- Panther

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First comic book appearance: 

Other Picture: Panther

Name: Tyrone Lewis
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (yellow as Panther)
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: 35
Nationality: African American

Occupation: Social Worker
Familial links: Wife (Kendra), daughters (Maisha and Zoe)

Base of operations: Detroit, Michigan

Ethical alliance: Good


Tyrone was raised in the poorest part of Detroit, Michigan. His parents did their best to give him a good education and high moral values but worried that he would be seduced by the ever-increasing number of gangs springing up all over the city. For the most part, though, Tyrone managed to stay out of trouble. But then, trouble found him.

A new gang decided to take over the building Tyrone and his parents were living in. With the growing number of drug traffic moving in and out, harassment and violence became a daily routine. Even the police avoided the area, but when Tyrone's brother, a Navy SEAL, came for a visit and saw the mayhem, he enlisted some of his army buddies to clear out the building. Unfortunately, upon his departure, the gangs returned.

Tyrone decided that he would take care of them himself, but the only way to do that would be to form his own gang. Against his parents' approval he did just that and formed "The Stalkers". They took control of the building and peace was restored for the residents. But Tyrone knew other neighbourhoods were not so lucky.

Tyrone expanded his group and The Stalkers' popularity grew from the fact that they used no violence. As their name implied, they stalked gangs and brought attention to them. Their presence alone was a deterrent because the gangs could not do covert business. The Stalkers were police informants, and they proudly advertised it and since the neighbourhood gangs were not affiliated with major street gangs, they had little muscle beyond that of their members.

Then, a major gang settled in the area. The Stalkers knew these thugs were beyond them. They were well-trained and armed and would not be intimidated as the others had. Tyrone was no fool and knew his limits so instead of confronting them, he kept them under surveillance.

Shortly after their arrival, however, a new drug came onto the market. It was so powerful and addictive that it transformed the users into virtual zombies bent on violence and destruction, and when Tyrone got word of a major drug deal going down, he knew it was time to act. 

He called a meeting with his most trusted lieutenants and formed a covert mission. It was vital that no one knew The Stalkers were involved because this time, there would be violence. If they learned who was involved, there would be retaliation.

From his informants, Tyrone had learned the location of the exchange and he and his team infiltrated the place and rigged it with explosives. He then ordered them to leave, while he stayed behind to give one last look, but before he could get out, the dealers arrived. The time of the exchange had been moved up.

Tyrone hid in the shadows. Vehicles drove into the warehouse and armed men came out. Then, the ground shook and opened up. From the ground rose a half a dozen figures, but none were human.

Tyrone had seen these creatures before. He had seen the broadcast of Avatar Prime's visit to the UN. Avatar Prime, the voice of the Guardian, had displayed such creatures when he had informed the world that extra-terrestrials had made their home on Earth. The creatures were Reptilians.

The Reptilians greeted the gangsters in a blood curling voice. "Just as we agrrreeed, the drrruug you will distrrriiibute and the money forrr yourrr trrroubles."

The Reptilians were giving the dealers drugs and paying them to distribute it. Tyrone had seen the effects of the drug. With the amount of drugs the Reptilians had brought, the city would soon be infested with murdering zombies. He knew there was only one option left. He had to set off the explosives even if he had to sacrifice himself in the process.

He took the detonator and readied himself, but a voice stopped him.

"There is another way." The blue being behind him said.

It was Avatar Prime. "You can stop them yourself, if you want."

Tyrone told him that he would love to but thought Avatar Prime was more equipped to do it. In response, the blue guardian, pointed to Tyrone's necklace.

Tyrone had been wearing it since his parents had given it to him. It had been handed down from their own parents and Tyrone had worn it proudly, as he had cherished his African ancestry.

"Panther claws?" Avatar Prime commented as he touched the necklace. "Yes, I think this will do fine."

As he touched Tyrone's necklace, energy escaped his fingers.

"Your turn." Avatar Prime told him.

Tyrone touched his own necklace and felt the transformation. His body took on the aspect of a panther. He was filled with inordinate strength and his senses heightened. 

"The Reptilians are your priority." Avatar Prime said. "I will deal with the rest."

The Reptilians have the strength of three strong men, but Tyrone tore through them with nary a struggle. As for the dealers, the sight of Avatar Prime was enough to send them scurrying, leaving their booty behind.

After the fight, Avatar Prime informed Tyrone that he was going to form a team to take care of alien threats. He wanted Panther to lead this Wild Force. Tyrone realized that he had meant him. He was now Panther.

As they exited the building, they were greeted by another guardian. The green clad Caregiver was waiting for them. Avatar Prime introduced her to Panther and told him that she would be the one to call on him, should the need to dispatch other creatures arise. Caregiver welcomed her new recruit.

She also informed Avatar Prime that she had found another potential member, somewhere in the Yukon. She said that she was heading there right now to assess him.

A few days later, Avatar Prime and Panther went to meet him.

Transform: Changes into a panther looking being.  

Animal abilities: Has panther based powers.

Animal attributes:
Possesses retractable claws, fur and a tail (though it is rarely seen).

Heightened senses: Increased sense of sight and hearing.

Agility: Panther can climb trees easily.

Super strength:
In the 3 ton range.

An amulet made from panther claws provides his change.  

Main antagonists: Mole  Mr Fixx