Character- The Peacemaker

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

First appearance:
Comic Il Pacificador #1

Other appearances:
 The Peacemaker

A.K.A.: Il Pacificador
Real Name: André Hernàndez

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 18
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Good


He is a peasant young man who has suffered abuse from his super brawny father and half-sister. To survive the experience, he trained relentlessly.

When he got old enough, he left this wretched life to live his own. He moved to the big city to become the masked defender of the innocents.

During his days as the Peacemaker, he met the super gifted giantess, Boom Girl. Together, they joined forces and fight side by side.


Physical perfection: He has trained his body to be the peak of the human form.

He has trained extensively to use multiple moves to dodge attacks and does parkour at expert level. He excels with his favorite weapon, the bolas.

He is also an expert climber.

Martial arts: He excels in multiple fighting techniques.

Weaknesses: He possess no super skills so has normal human frailties.

He doesn't kill. He only captures and restrains his opponents.

Paraphernalia: His main weapon is a bolas, which he uses to ensnare villains. He also carries hooks and grapplins to swing from buildings.