Character- Philly Girl
Philly Girl

Created by: Lisa Hodge

Other Pictures:
Philly Girl full body

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #1

Real Name: Lisa Hodge
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 29

Born in:  Philcentra on Trisen (A city very similar to Philadelphia)

Ethical alliance: Good


Lisa was working on a project at her university where they were studying pharmaceuticals and ways to boost their effectiveness. Thinking she had found something promising, she began working around the clock. She was eager to win favor in her class and possibly get a future job offer from one of the companies her discovery would benefit.

She burned the midnight hour, trading sleep for progress and her sacrifice paid off. She had isolated the formula that would produce the most effective of healing ointments. But her lack of sleep had also impaired her more than she had realized and as she was mixing the chemicals to formulate the end product, she accidentally knocked over a Bunsen burner and it set the lab on fire. Chemicals reacted to the heat and an explosion ensued. The container where her experimental ointment was stored exploded and the contents washed over her.

She was hurt in the explosion but woke up with no traces of injury. The hospital staff had no explanations for her miraculous recovery but Lisa suspected that the ointment that had sprayed her had penetrated her system and healed her. She told the doctors of her discovery and allowed them to run tests on her. She was intentionally cut and probed and it was concluded that injuries that should have taken days to heal did so in a matter of minutes. The doctors were exited to know more about this ointment, unfortunately, the research notes were lost in the blaze.

Lisa was eventually sent home but she wanted to know how resilient she actually was so she experimented. At first, she jumped off a one story building and when she survived the fall, she upped the ante. She moved to a second story and a third story building but when she jumped off from the fourth floor, something new happened. Instead of falling she hovered and with a bit of practice her hovering turned into flying.

Lisa also learned that her healing abilities extended beyond her own self. One day, she witnessed a car crash and went out to help. One of kids in the back seat was bleeding from her head and Lisa held her hand up to the cut to try and stop the bleeding. As she applied pressure to the wound, it sealed the cut.

Lisa was eventually approached by Legends of Justice one of the super groups on her planet. She joined them and it allowed her abilities to be put to good use.


Healing factor/Healing: Philly Girl has absorbed the ointment's properties within herself. These enable her to heal herself and others quickly.

Flight: A side effect of her healing ability is the ability to fly. It is possible that the ability presented itself in order to protect her from major harm. The four story fall may have been too much to counter, so it is possible that flight became the solution.