Character- Poderosa 

Created by: Heroineburgh

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First appearance:

Other appearances:

Episodes 12, 13

Episodes 16, 18, 19, 21

Live action Poderosa:

Real Name: Rosa Perez
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Age: 40

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Rosa Perez, a single Puerto Rican mom with two kids, worked as a field reporter for Pittsburgh TV station Channel 16.

When the dark-energy meteor exploded above the Steel City, she was exposed to its radiation and it altered her genes. Rosa discovered that she possessed a litany of incredible superpowers, similar to those of heroes found in comic books. She had been transformed into the 'Supermom' she had always wanted to be for her kids.

Footage was captured of Rosa stopping a bank robbery, as bullets literally bounced off her chest. The footage made its way to her boss, Morgan Hedge, who offered her a lucrative contract if she became the official superheroine of Channel 16. In that capacity, she was to represent the station at all public events.

Rosa accepted the offer under the condition that she and her children would be provided with a high-security apartment. She also became a spokeswoman for the Latino community of Pittsburgh.

On the suggestion of her cameraman Pete Baron, who later became her boyfriend, she adopted the name Poderosa ('Power Woman' in Spanish). Her costume proudly displays a 'P-16' logo to advertise the station.

Currently, Rosa is both a star TV reporter covering big events, and a superheroine making public appearances. The citizens at large don't realize that Rosa and Poderosa are the same person, as she enlarges her hairstyle and wears a mask when battling villains. Her real identity is known only to her boss, her cameraman, her two children and their nanny.

Poderosa was active in the founding of the Pittsburgh Heroine League, and is the group's co-leader along with the German heroine Frija.


Super strength: 
She possesses the strength to lift weights equal to that of an average car, between 2 and 3 tons.

Flight: She can fly and reach a speed of Mach 1.

Heightened senses: Her hearing is beyond that of normal humans, enabling her to hear tiny sounds from a few hundred feet away, or through walls. 

Physical/energy resistance:
  She has a high resistance to injury and has taken hits from high calibre weapons and energy blasts.

Super breath: Her lungs have also been enhanced, enabling her to blow air with enough force to knock someone down.

Speed: She has enhanced stamina, enabling her to move extremely fast or run almost as fast as she can fly.

Weaknesses: For some unknown reason, the soles of her feet are often subject to injury from physical trauma, extreme heat or extreme cold. To prevent this from occurring, she wears armor on her boots to protect them.

The extraterrestrial radioactive mineral "Drainium" causes Poderosa's muscles to freeze up, turning her into a motionless statue for a short time.