Character- Positron

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

Other Pictures: Positron full body

Real Name: Positron
Hair: Inapplicable
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
As old as Electron
Country of Origin: None

Ethical alliance: Neutral


Positron rises as a result of the existence of the human superhero known as Electron.

Electron has the ability to create energy from nowhere. Since this can't be possible by the laws of the universe, an opposite force known as Positron is created to reestablish the balance in the universe.

Positron has no intelligence beyond the knowledge about its mission which is: Destroy the anomaly.

Technically, with Positron's existence, the balance of the universe is restored because anomaly + opposite = 0, but the balance is unstable. In order to fulfill its mission, Positron must destroy the anomaly and itself, because that is its only purpose.

In order to perform its task, Positron must take finite form and does so through his armor. Also, since his mission requires his survival, Positron's fighting skills augment with every challenge he faces as he adapts to survive.


Power armor: The armor keeps the particles together forming a living organism. Positron doesn't exist without its armor, technically it is its armor, but the armor is not hermetic. It allows Positron's energy to seep out so that he may use it in various ways.

Intangibility: By turning himself into energy form, he becomes intangible and can pass through virtually anything. 

Energy Blast: He can emits beta rays in laser form.

Energy resistance: He can resist all types of energy.

Star travel: He has a map of the universe on his head and can travel to specific planets at the speed of light and access hyperspace. 

Time Travel: If
 necessary, he can travel through time.

Super strength: In his finite form, he has the ability to lift in the vicinity of one ton.

He has much knowdledge about the universe, but he is not a rational creature. He only exist to destroy his opposite.

Paraphernalia: Must wear a containment armor to keep his energy in a finite form.