Character- Psyclone

Created by: Rodney Lockett 

Other pictures:

Art by Joe de Santos

First appearance: 
Iron Gate Universe #7  

Real Name: Kathleen Jager
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Height: 5'4"
Age: 28

Nationality: Germany

Ethical alliance: Evil

During WWI Kathleen's parents were killed. Like many other children, she was sent to an orphanage and raised there for a number of years. She was twelve when her powers began to manifest and the first sign that told her she was different was when she began to psychically feel what was going on inside other people's heads.

Things took a different turn when one night, her bunk mate was crying. She was newly arrived, and she really missed her mom. Kathleen could feel that sadness overwhelm her and without her realizing it, her body changed to the mental picture she had seen in her bunk mate's head. The young girl quickly calmed down as she hugged her like she was her real mom.

Soon after, Kathleen was removed from the orphanage and placed in a government facility where she was taught to further develop her powers. She was also given extensive physical training and fighting.

She became an agent for the Axis powers and is used for deep undercover assignments.


Telepathy: She has the ability to psychically link to people's mind. By doing so, she can learn what she needs from her victims to better emulate them.

Shape shifting: Psyclone has the ability to change her form and become a copy of someone else.

Mind control: Her telepathic ability enable her to take control of individuals and also cause them pain.

Weaknesses: She can only use her physic powers on a limited number of people at a time.

Paraphernalia: She wears an antenna to enhance the range of her powers. When she changes form, the antenna gets camouflaged and cannot be seen.