Character- Pthirus

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Pictures:

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Height:  6 foot 3 inches
Age: 23 Earth years

Country of origin:  Alien world, name undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Pthirus, arrived on earth 2 years ago. Not much is known about him but from what we have pieced together from reports, it is assumed that he comes from a planet 90% covered with water because that is what drew him to Earth. It is believed that he might be a scout for his planet whose plans include the taking over the Earth. 


Enhanced intelligence: His intelligence has been estimated to be of genius level, but whether he alone possesses such intelligence or whether it is a trait of all his people, no one knows, but he appears to have no problem with our technology almost as if it was child's play.

Underwater Breathing: Coming from an aquatic world, Pthirus is capable of living beneath our oceans, but can also breathe air.

Power armor: His crab-like arms appear to be controlled by his helmet. They are made of an unknown metal that appears to be stronger than Titanium. The ends are razor sharp and can penetrate almost anything. The arm system is powered by the energy pack on his back. 

Energy blasts: The crab arms can fire powerful energy blasts. They are powered by an energy source similar to a radioisotope energy system, which continuously regenerates their power.

Super jump: He can use his arms to push himself off and can jump far distances.

Weaknesses: Heat dehydrates him. To remedy the problem, his armor has a cooling agent inside of it that helps keep him moist.