Character- Pulse

Created by: MewberryCake

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Pulse profile 
                          Pulse with ally
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                 New  Pulse in her adult form

Name: Lyra Ferguson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-green
Height:  5 foot  4 inches
Age: 17 
Country of origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Lyra's story begins fairly normal. She was born in Silver Peak, in the early nineties, to a lithium mine worker and his wife and although they were not rich, they were well-off enough to get by on his salary.

From an early age, things began to happen around their daughter which caused her parents much concern. Objects would fly off shelves near her, or objects she wanted would make their way towards her outstretched hand as if of their own accord. Hoping she would simply "grow out of it", they ignored the happenings as best they could... until she began doing it in front of friends and family.

Taking her to doctor after doctor, none of them could explain or replicate the events her parents described to them. At a loss, they finally just prescribed tranquilizers to keep the child docile and for a long time, the events ceased. But when Lyra was 13, her parents divorced and she was sent to live with her mother in Los Angeles.

Her mother quickly remarried and Lyra felt as though her life had been effectively torn apart. I
n order to "cope" with life, she was given ever-stronger medication but she stopped taking it, keeping the knowledge from her parents.

When the side-effects from the withdrawal became simply too debilitating for her to function, it caused her latent abilities to slowly begin surfacing again. It frightened her at first, but as she leaned to deal with it, she regained a sense of power and control she felt she had lost.

Over the years, Lyra slowly taught herself to harness her abilities without gaining unwanted attention from her family. Knowing that  super heroes were operating in the world and even in the city itself, she felt she had enough control to begin utilizing her powers towards her own ends and join their cause; helping to protect the populace. Working in secrecy, she worked on a home-made "disguise" and began her new vocation while causing as little fanfare as possible to avoid attention. 


Telekinesis: Lyra's principal power is telekinesis which enables her to move objects with her mind.

Repell/draw: She can telekinetically lift objects and people, though her control is not fine by any stretch of the imagination. She can either draw objects towards her, or shove them away from her, but has trouble holding things in place or fine manipulations of objects and instruments. 

Mind blast: Her Pulse Wave can emit an uncontrolled "blast" of psionic energy from her body in all directions to knock opponents away from her. 

Super Jump: 
While not able to control her powers enough to fly, Pulse can send a small wave at her feet to propel her body into the air a good distance. As she drops down, she simply sends another wave down to the ground to send herself back up -- hence a 'bouncing' effect when she's in motion. This, obviously, doesn't work that well over water. She calls this technique her Wave Bounce.

Power lift: Her mind allows her to lift objects in the 1-2 ton range but not without strain.

Weaknesses: Her general inexperience with both combat and her powers as well as her almost crippling self-doubt at crucial moments that causes hesitation.

Paraphernalia: Uses basic protective gear (thick boots, heavy visor, kneepads).