Character- Purple Dragon
Purple Dragon

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

First appearance: Purple Dragon-Origin

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Purple Dragon full body

Full dragon form 
Purple dragon alternate 
More Purple dragon

Real Name: Alejandra Maldonado
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Purple
Height: 5 foot 6 inches (1.70 m)
Age: 25
Country of Origin: Mexico

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Men/women


Alejandra is the last descendant of a family that belonged to an ancient clan called "The Blood of the Dragon". Over the years, she had heard that story many times from her grandmother and the fascination with than ancient legend led her to become one of the most famous young archaeologists who, in turn, made great discoveries in numerous fields. As her knowledge grew, her scepticism began to disappear as she discovered that magic,
 in a variety of forms, really existed in the world.

When her grandmother died, Alejandra received a chest which had presumably been passed down from generation to generation. Inside, she found scrolls and texts and as she began to decypher them. As she did, she realized that they were written in a magical language. She also found a map to a castle and set up an expedition to find it.

She eventually did and, as she explored it, she found an obstacle that did not appear in any of the scrolls from the chest. There was supposed to be a door, but instead the head of a dragon made out of stone was in the wall.

As she searched for a way in, she cut herself on the stone dragon's mouth and the blood from the wound woke it. Its eyes became purple and the passage opened up. Alejandra had found the lair of the Blood of the Dragon clan.

She explored the chamber and came upon a pentagram carved on the floor. A drop of blood from her wound fell on it and it began to glow. Alejandra was bathed in energy and felt a power flow through her. She then found herself clothed in the attire of the Blood of the Dragon 

She was greeted by a small dragon, Jencer, who eventually joined her on her quest to save the world from evil.


Magic: Purple Dragon has a variety of different spells for various situations. (Still learning).

Animation: By speaking the name of any object in the magical language, she can  give them "life" and command them. There needs to be eye contact between her and the object for it to work and she also needs to know the object's magical name.
Levitation: She can levitate objects, other people or even herself. This spell requires the use of her hands and fingers to perform.

Teleportation: Allows instant teleportation to other places. Requires a conjuring circle to use it.

Energy Blast: By concentrating her magic power in her hand, she can use it as a projectile. The energy she discharges can be imbued with an elemental attribute such as fire, ice, electricity or even acid depending on the special gems in the rings worn on her hands.

Enchantment: In the same way that she creates energy projectiles, that energy can be used to imbue weapons like swords or arrows.

Force fields: She can create a shield of energy around herself to protect her from harm. She creates it by drawing a pentagram in the air with her fingers. She cannot launch attacks from within the shield though.

Toxin resistance: The dragon's blood coursing through her body has rendered her immune system very strong making her resistant to any disease and/or non-magical poison.

Physical resistance: Her bone density is two times denser than that of a human, so it is very resistant to impact. 

Heightened senses: When she activates her dragon sense, her sense of smell becomes twice as strong as that of a dog.

Enhanced vision: When she activates her dragon sense, her vision becomes four times stronger, and she can detect magical auras.

Flight: She can grow a set of wings that allow her to fly at a maximum speed of 150 mph but with her increased weight, she has poor maneuverability. She can adjust for that with a weight lightening spell, which doubles her speed and increases her maneuverability, but she has trouble controlling that excess speed.

Transform: She can transform into a dragon-humanoid  about 3 meters tall. Her strength and endurance increase ten times,but while she can no longer use magic in this form, she can now breathe fire.

She only can stay five minutes in such form after which, the dragon sleeps and she loses all her powers for a day.

Weaknesses:  In non-dragon form, she is suseptible to non magical attacks. There are also many spells that can easily affect her, ranging from sleeping spells, magic poisons and restrictions in the body to name just a few.

Also, her dragon skin is affected like any other creature if she is on the receiving end of magic.

Weapons forged from dragon fangs can easily cut her.

Despite her strengths and powers, she has only her own willpower to protect her from attacks on her mind.


Paraphernalia: She wears a set of rings on her fingers whose stones can affect the type of magic expelled.