Character- Ravenous

Created by:  Jarryn Jackson

Other Picture: Ravenous full body 

First appearance:
American Alliance #1 (soon)

Raven mask:


Real Name: Keir Umbra
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Age: 19

Born in:  Zimbabwe

Ethical alliance: Evil


Keir was 6 when her mother brought her to the US. Her mother wanted to experience the American Dream and although life did get better for them, it was not as great as she had hoped. The American Dream did offer more opportunities than her native land had, but it did not mean that things would be easy. There were plenty of struggles and obstacles along the way and as time went by, she began to realize that the American Dream she had hoped to achieve had become no more than a simple dream.

Her daughter, however, seemed to have a better chance of achieving it. She was a beautiful girl and her mom always got complimented for it. She was often told that her daughter's pretty face would be an asset in life and that she should try to use it to her advantage.

Her mother resented hearing that. She wanted her success in the world to be attributed to her own hard work, not because of how her daughter looked. Success should be earned, not thrust upon you. She had held three jobs to achieve what little she had, but now people were telling her that her daughter could surpass her simply for being who she is.

This made her angry. Having given birth to a pretty girl was no achievement in her eyes and after a while, she started to resent her daughter's beauty. She knew deep down that it was a terrible thing and she wrestled to contain that shame and guilt that she felt. But she could not. She eventually took her own life.

Keir was 12 when she found her mother's dead body in the bathtub. She kept it a secret for a while by placing a blanket over the body to reduce the smell of the decomposing flesh. She locked the bathroom door and never went back inside.

She had hoped to continue living there but after a few weeks, the landlord showed up for the rent. He immediately noticed the foul odor coming from the bathroom and called the police when he found the body. When Keir heard that child services were going to take her in, she took off to live on the streets.

Her time on the streets was rough. Her beauty became a blessing and a curse. Her smile helped her get money when panhandling but it also drew the attention of men that a girl her age should never attract and the inevitable happened.

After being sexual assaulted she went deep in the sewer tunnels to hide from the world. She eventually found an area that everyone avoided and settled there. Unknown to her, however, was that it was the dumping ground of a major chemical company's wastes.

The fumes were horrible and toxic and they began to play tricks on her mind. One night, she woke up screaming as something burnt her face. She rushed to the filthy water to wash it off but it only made thing worse. Acid wastes had trickled down in the water and it caused her face to be disfigured. Rather than seeing her grotesque face, she started wearing a mask. Its look of craziness helped keep people away.

One night, she heard noises and went to chase away what she thought were strangers. Instead she found a glowing orb. Fascinated by the discovery, she stared at the Orb and it seemed to be staring back at her. She thought she could hear it talk to her and for the next several hours they just exchanged information without saying a word.

Then, two drunken homeless men approached. The light had drawn them in and when they saw that it had led them to a young woman they quickly began to sober up. They moved towards her spewing out lewd comments. Keir backed away as the fear and anger rose in her. The Orb, sensing her danger, hit her with a ray and said that it would help. She lifted her arms and when she did the Orb shined even brighter. As it did, the homeless men’s shadows came alive and started attacking them. Keir laughed as she shouted for them to die a horrible death. The shadows did just as she asked. The men's bodies were sucked dry and drained of their essence.

Keir understood that the Orb needed to feed to survive. Its hunger had been awakened and it was ravenous. The Orb became her only friend. As it protected her, she too would protect it. Keir would do what it took to keep her “family” alive. The Orb needed to feed and so did she. Killing became a way of life as both got what they needed from it. She got her victims' belongings and food, the Orb got the rest. It was the perfect life.

Over the years Keir's madness grew as did her efficiency in killing. Later she donned a second mask over her crazy looking one. This one had the face of a raven and it allowed her to walk on the surface without drawing as much attention to herself, although people still gave her a wide berth when they saw her.

The Raven mask kept her calm and at peace, but when she needed to go to work the Raven mask came off and the madness ruled.


Power accessory: The Orb has given her the power to make the shadows of her opponents come to life and she can direct them to attack and kill. As the shadows consume their victims, their life energy is absorbed by the Orb.

Flight: The Orb also grants her the ability to fly at moderate speeds.

Ravenous is insane so there is nothing that she doesn't think she can do. This lack of reasoning often places her in situations where she ends up biting off more then she can chew. 

In daylight, the Orb's powers are reduced as it is harder to cast shadows.

Since her masks define her personality, it is unknown how removing both would affect her.

Paraphernalia: Along with her Orb, she wears two masks. The crazy one that she uses for fighting and the Raven mask that makes her feel somewhat normal and calmer.