Character- Rox Star
rox star

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

Other Picture: Rox Star full body

Art by: VenneccaBlind

Real Name: Cassandra Wu
Hair: Black with purple highlights

Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Age: 19
Born in: UK

Ethical alliance: Good


Cassandra's father was a Royal Navy sailor who met her mother while his ship was docked in Singapore. When they got married Cass's mom moved to the UK with her husband.

Cass found her affinity for music, at an early age. Her father, being a Classic Rock fan, bought her a small guitar which she learned to play very well. He was later killed in a naval accident while on tour, and beset with grief, her mother returned to Singapore, leaving Cass with her aunt and uncle on her father's side.

Cass continued to go to school but did not make many friends. Her life at home was no better as her Aunt and uncle tended to neglect their "unwanted burden". It was on one of these lonely days that Cassandra discovered her power. As she played her guitar, she made her first sonic clone. It became her one and only friend.

At 9 years old she ran away from her aunt and uncle's and became a homeless child in the Birmingham, UK metropolitan area. She became a street rat and petty thief, moving from shelter to shelter. She was finally caught in the act of stealing a loaf of bread from a convenience store.

In the resulting chase, she used her powers to disorient the police that were chasing her. Her display did not do unnoticed and it was brought to the attention of the British government that she was a superhuman.

Flashfire(who was 12 at the time) was called in to try and find her. He was instructed to get her to join the side of the government, which was trying to build up its own roster of superheroes.

After Flashfire was able convince her to join up with the UK government ,she began her career as a small time rock star traveling around the UK and playing at anything from small bars to large stadiums. Using her sonic manipulation and the assistance of her sound clones, she essentially had the unique ability to play the entire band as a single individual. 


Sonic manipulation: Cass has the ability to manipulate sonic vibrations. She can distort sound waves and use them in a variety of ways. She can also transfer those vibrations into other objects through physical contact. The effect can be varied from disorienting her target to having the object vibrate itself to pieces.

By changing sound waves to a select few frequencies, she can cause a neural disruptions in the human brain that manifest themselves as various hallucinations, mostly sonic multi-colors clones of her.

Energy blast: She can use sound as an offensive or defensive ability to blast away targets. It can be focused in a narrow beam, or emanate outwards in all directions. The largest blast she can generate can level an entire city block, but a lesser power wave can be used to transmit a migraine inducing signal city-wide.

Barrier: Rox Star can generate a wall of sound that can deflect thrown weapons and projectiles like bullets, and can also slightly throw off energy beams.

Lightning blast: By enhancing the frequency of her sound waves Rox Star can cause the air molecules around her to heat up and build a static charge, enough build up and a she can call in bolts of lightning to strike her target. The leather rapping on her right arm contain special electric capacitors to store up the static electricity and then realize it through a punch her Guitar, these attack are not as powerful as the lighting strikes but they are still strong enough to stun an average human. 

Enhanced vitals: Rox Star has used her sonic power as an artificial muscle stimulator. She has been using this technique for years giving her strength equal to that of an Olympic strongman.

Replication: Using solid sound, she can create copies of herself that can act independently.

Weaknesses: She cannot use her own sounds as power. She can only manipulate sounds generated by an outside source like her guitar or the metal scales on her shirt sleeve.

Her lighting strike attack takes several minutes of static build up before it can be used. Charging her arm wrapping takes less time but is also less powerful. 

Paraphernalia: Rox Star carries a special electric guitar modeled after a solid body Vox Phantom. The guitar is made of a solid block of high strength plastic, wrapped in a layer of tungsten and finally coated in carbon-nano tubes. This construction means it is nearly indestructible allowing Rox Star to use it as a very effective bludgeoning weapon.

On her right hip is a small portable amplifier, about the size of a 1990's pocket CD player. This is used as a pre-amp before her powers take over to boost the resulting sound wave to even stronger wave length. This is also how she added normal electric guitar sounds to her music while away from the stage.

The leather rapping on her right arm contain special electric capacitors to store up the static electricity and then realize it through a punch her Guitar.