Character- Royal Blue
Royal Blue

Created by: Redentor A. de la Rosa
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Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Real Name: Smash Dash
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
7 foot 7 inches
Age: 9 as Smash, 35 as Royal Blue
Born in: Phillipines

Ethical alliance: Good


Demons cannot fully possess humans because their bodies are too fragile. They would instantly crumble into dust. But in the past, humans developed techniques to strengthen the body so that they can house demons for as long as three hours. They did this for the purpose of god-breeding. A demon could briefly take form by possessing a prepared human body. Once in control, it would have ritualistic intercourse with a human female thus creating a child, a Nephilim.

This god-breeding became very successful and the superior Nephilim ruled the Earth and were worshipped as gods by humans. They built the pyramids and many ancient structures and some time later, a truce was made. Some Nephilim agreed to migrate to a nearby solar system and started a civilization (as half humans and half demons, they can survive outer space). Because of their pure Nephilim race, they advanced quickly in terms of technology.

The era of the gods came to an end when Moses defeated the ten major gods of Egypt (recorded in the Bible as ten plagues). In the present, Ato, a 10 year old, found Moses' staff and discovered its powerful secrets and inherited its immense power.

9 year old Smash is half Filipino and half American (his father abandoned his Filipina mother). He accidentally came in contact with an alien radioactive substance when he was playing with a bicycle tire. The bicycle tire stuck to his body and soon, he discovered that he had unique powers.

He now rides a tractor tire and can merge with it. Doing so transforms his appearance into a 35 year old adult and gives him immense physical power.

Recently, the Nephilim came back to Earth to hunt Smash and his team.


Power accessory: Smash rides a tractor tire that was altered by an alien chemical substance. He can spin the tire by his mere will while standing on top of it. When he encounters a foe, he merges with the tire, transforming it into his armor.

Physical/energy resistance: When the rubber tires covers his entire body, it increases his strength and resistance verging on the ultimate. 
During power-up, he can modify the rubber material into its hardest state, making his color shiny black, his hair royal blue, and eyes glow.

Super strength: When he is transformed, his strength enables him to lift thousands of tons.

Speed: Royal Blue can run or ride his tire to achieve speeds of multiple Mach.

Healing factor: If he is damaged, he can heal by simply absorbing more tires.

Size changing: He can grow bigger and stronger. When transformed, he may age physically but his personality doesn't change. He loves to jokingly tease people especially his enemies by frightening them with his appearance since he can also change his face into an ugly monster.

Weaknesses: Not serious in everything including during battle.